Saturday, June 4, 2011


It was  a powerful earthquake. Nobody could have imagined that such an earthquake would hit their town. Everything was destroyed including the buildings, schools, cars, trucks and even roads and rail links. The Government took speedy steps to find out the survivors from the debris. Two were among the survivors traced and found out  by the rescue team. Peter could not move his legs. They were damaged and one of his arms was found missing. He could breath slowly, while Jones had lost his arms and he found it difficult to breath. Both were admitted in a room having two beds in one of the best hospitals in the town. Jones was allotted a bed near the window and Peter was on the other bed. Doctors started counting their days.
Jones slowly moved and tried to see through the window. He was having a lot of plans in his mind and now he could not implement any ideas. He started thinking -   He could not help his family now. He could not help his friends or any of his colleagues in his office. Even he could not help any of his neighbours in his present situation.
Slowly he turned his head and saw his other friend – Peter.He found Peter struggling to sit and he also saw Peter rarely sleep during the last two days.
He smiled a little and called Peter. While Peter started listening Jones started describing him what he saw through the window.
There was a beautiful mountain with a lot of trees, Birds were flying here and there. In front of the mountain, there was a fine lake and many people were moving here and there on their boats. Near the lake there was a small lane and a lot of children were playing and they were also singing songs.
While Jones finished his description, he found Peter slowly sleeping. Jones started describing each day what he saw through the window. Days started rolling and nearly for four months he continued his description and Jones started finding that Peter was slowly recovering.
During the next day morning, when Peter started looking at Jones for a fresh story, the nurse told him that Jones was dead and his body was moved from the room.
Peter could not hear any story and he requested the nurse to shift him to the bed near the window so that he can have a look through the window and view a lot of fresh scenes each day.
Peter was moved to the bed and now started looking through the window. What he saw through the window – was an empty wall of the nearby building; no mountains or lakes or lanes or children.
Peter slowly could sense what could have happened with his friend Jones. Knowing very well that he could be dead at any time, Jones found out the ways and means of helping his friend – Peter by telling the stories of different kinds for the last four months.
 Whatever may be the situations – a person could help the other. He needs simply a heart and will power.


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