Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reasons for stress

Is stress a disease ? Do you think that you are having more stress than your colleague working in your office and occupying the nearby seat ? Do you think that you wife is more comfortable than yours ? Do you think that your son or daughter are not experiencing any stress levels ?

Of course to a certain extent you may be right, but not always. Let us find out as to how the stress level increases in a person. Stress is nothing but accumulated thoughts about a particular person, task or event.

You have been given an assignment to be accomplished within two hours. On account of your conversation with your wife, son or daughter or your neighbor, you had lost your valuable ten minutes. Had you accumulated those ten minutes, you could have completed the assigned task within the allotted two hours. Now you start feeling stressed. In case you are an entrepreneur having your own business, probably you may be losing valuable customer on account of non accomplishment of the task or otherwise in case you are working in an office, probably you can get a firing by your boss in front of your colleagues which can lead even to reduction in wages or salary.

Probably those ten minutes conversation was inevitable for you because you were discussing unavoidable personal or family matters during those valuable ten minutes. In no way you were wrong in utilizing those ten minutes.

Now try to calm down your thoughts. On the one hand you were on your job and on the other hand, you have been fulfilling your duty as a sincere or faithful husband or father or a friend. Slow down your thoughts. Stop cursing yourself.
Just take a couple of seconds or minutes and by calming down your thoughts and emotions try to accumulate your physical and mental energy level to the peak. This will increase your stress level further more,  however, when you start concentrating your efforts and completing the assigned job, you are sure to complete the work even within the allotted time which will lead you to happy and peaceful mental state.

So, start thinking that stress is a boon and not a bane. You should start developing a habit by which you can make use of your stress level for your benefit 

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