Saturday, June 4, 2011


In this article there are health prescriptions as to how the neck can be kept erect, disease free and looking straight keeping the personality looking admirable

It is the common saying around the world – Beauty is to women and women is to beauty

Beauty care means, taking care of the face, neck, hands, legs, waist etc. Before application of any medications, you should have a proper knowledge about your skin. Unless and otherwise you know the nature of your skin, you cannot take care of the skin properly. There are four types of skins – sensitive skin, normal skin, oily skin and dry skin. One method applicable to one type of skin may not be suitable for another type

You can keep your body skin glowing, attractive and above all healthy by proper diet, skin care and maintenance of the skin. During the present days, on account of pollution especially in cities and towns all over the world, availability of fast and packed foods in the markets and temperature variations, skin is often spoiled and tan on skin is found in many cases. Despite the above hurdles, we can protect ourselves from all such problems

We furnish herebelow many tips to take care of the skin.

Consumption of too much of sweets, fried food, fat contained food, alcohol and cakes should be avoided on account of the facts that they cause blemishes and blotchiness on the surface of the skin.

Try to develop the habit of eating at least one seasonal fruit in the morning, preferably before you start having any breakfast. Vegetables and greens should be necessarily included in the diet

You should try to drink at least four to five litres of pure water daily

While you are away from your home, try to protect your skin from the hot sun by covering your head with a scarf or by using an umbrella or moving in a closed vehicle. If possible apply some sunscreen lotion.

Always cleanse your skin once in the morning and again in the evening before going to sleep, with products to suit your skin type

Avoid using all types of cosmetics, gels and creams available in the market. Products manufactured by various manufacturers may be available in the market, however, the choice to use the same rests with you only.

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