Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to reduce the risks involved in using cell phones ?

Can anybody think of a day during which not even a single call has been made by you using your  cell phones ? Very rare.  Majority of the population throughout the world are in the habit of using cell phones nowadays – whether they belong to a rich country or an underdeveloped country.
However, there are many ill effects in using cell phones. We rarely notice that cell phones are slowly damaging our health in many ways.
How to protect our health when we use our  cell phones ?
The following are some tips in protecting ourselves from the effects of radiation when we use our cell phones:
·        Avoid using cell phones continuously for a long time. When you have a choice between a cell phone and a landline connection at your place it is advisable to use the landline telephone rather than cell phone.
·        Instead of using cell phones directly near our ears, we can make use of the head-set provisions
·        We can utilize the messaging services in lieu of cell phones, which will save money also
·        The effect of radiation will be more when the availability of signal is minimum and under such circumstances, it is better to use the cell phone at a place where the issue of non availability of sufficient signal does not arise
·        When you select cell phones, always choose cell phones having lesser “specific absorption rate”. These cell phones normally emit lesser radiation. “Specific absorption rate” means the tolerance level of our body from the effects of radiation emitted through electromagnetic waves
·        Do not allow children to use cell phones much. They are affected more than elders due to radiation
·        When you keep cell phones, keep the receiver-portion nearer to your ear and the remaining portion away from ear and body. Rightly speaking keep cell phones in a slanting position rather than keeping straight and attached to the ear
·        Don’t keep the cell phone closed with your entire palm. It will be not only uncomfortable for you but also  the effect of radiation will be more
·        You can use the facility of loud speaker available in the cell phone when you are engaged in conversations other than of confidential nature
·        As far as possible keep your conversation to the point
·        Keep the cell phones away from your body.
·        Do not keep the cell phones in your hands and pockets for a long time
·        Do not use cell phones when you are having your baby with your body. They will be affected more than you when you use the cell phones
·        As far as possible switch off your cell phones during the night, otherwise keep them at a safe distance
·        During the process of charging the  cell phones the effect of radiation will be more. Do not forget to keep the cell phones at safer distances at the time they are charged

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