Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Various programmes were going on at a circus. A juggler started doing his performance. As he went on to perform more and more difficult tricks, the excitement started to rise from among the audience.

At last, he came to the most difficult of the tricks where he had to basket a ball on a 12 feet pole attached to the plate that he was holding with his legs, while lying on his back.
The awe struck audience began to applaud, anticipating a perfect basket.  For a split second, the juggler thought about the loud applause that he would get after the successful performance. The concentration wavered and down came the ball with a thud which was followed by a long oooh…from the audience.

Had the juggler had kept his concentration intact on the trick instead of anticipating the applause of the audience, he would have definitely succeeded in his performance.

Let us think for a while. Do we too perform to get appreciation or let appreciation come as a result of good performance ?

What is the moral of the story ?

Let us focus ourselves on doing the job rather than wondering about the results.
The results will be always fantastic.

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