Tuesday, June 21, 2011


For most people, life is a repetitive drill. Walking up from the bed at the same time, brushing the same way, drinking coffee, reading same newspaper, a time bound bath, a hurried breakfast, road rage on the way to work, gossip and lunch with same people, returning to home through the same route, same mega serials, same type of arguments, compulsive dinner, same bed and waking up the next day to continue this round the clock routine exercises

People call themselves as busy, however, life need not be a mundane task. It need not be the repeated exercises for umpteen number of days and times. It need not be an imposition. It need not be a life imprisonment. There is more to the life than existing.

Pursue a new proficiency each year and see how exciting life can be. Let there not be a phase in our life when we were not enrolled as an active student. It could be music lessons, a yoga class, playing instruments, dance classes, playing ball badminton in a court, new fitness regimes, new languages, creative writing, painting, speaking in various seminars, gardening, photography, attending to music concerts etc etc.

The life can be never ending, if we really want them to be.

Let us always be an explorer of life. Let us keep experimenting. Let us keep trying and feed our curiosity and inquisitiveness. Let us keep attempting something that has not been attempted before

Like trying out new cuisines, new hair styles, different clothes, visiting unusual places etc. Men can enter the kitchen for a day and serve the entire family. Leave your cars and two wheelers and use a public transport for a day. Go on a voice rest the other day. Try out new things at work place. Leave the table and work sitting on the floor. Go for a vacation to an unknown destination. Have your dinner in the terrace. Visit the sea shore and sit there calmly for an hour

Again the list is endless. Get creative with life. Keep going. Keep changing

More than all our successes, achievements and accomplishments, the formula to a lively life is to perpetually ask this question.

When was the last time I did something for the first time ?

Celebrate your life. Stamp your presence on every day of your life. Spell life with energy and enthusiasm. Above all try to envy yourself for having tried new things each day.

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