Friday, June 17, 2011


If we just put this question to anybody especially young women between the age groups – 13 to 45, nobody will agree to have a fat belly and bulky bottom
There is a close relationship between the personality and body physique. While we see ladies having fat bellies  finding it difficult to either walk or climb any staircase, we are prone to feel sympathy over them. Probably they may not be able to notice our feelings and thoughts. What is the reason for this type of ladies who are indifferent in maintaining their own personality and body structure ?
They can neither walk briskly nor bend their knees and shoulders to pick up the items on the floor. They have to employ people for helping them in this connection. Is it very difficult to reduce the body weight?
·         For a beautiful and healthy personality, weight gain is really a minus point
·         Beauty is not visible in the colour of the skin. Women with black skin by keeping their bodies fit and healthy , can look more beautiful than a white skinned bulky girl
·         It is also not related to any age. Many young girls at the age of  13 have bodies equivalent to that of 40 years’ old women.
Instead of worrying about reducing the body weight after a long time, by following certain beauty tips, further weight can surely be reduced.
However, out of many women folks who are trying to reduce their weight, rarely some people attain success on account of the facts, that they are less determined to continue the techniques in reducing body weight.
The following reasons can be attributed for the above:

Eating junk food every now and then having no control over the intake of foods. As and when any food item is visible or made visible to them, they are prone to have taste over the items. They are least bothered that these food items once consumed will definitely increase the calorie levels in their bodies which cannot be reduced so easily in future days
One of the reasons for increase in body weight is the absence of any habit by which the body is given the required momentum. Women especially housewives not having any household work rarely have a better physique unless and otherwise they are having the habit of doing any physical exercises. The simplest form of keeping the body is to have a small walk for nearly thirty minutes a day. During the course of walking, the entire body parts except the neck and head are having enough exercises especially the hands from the shoulders and the legs from the hips.
It has to be borne in mind that while we are asleep during the night for about eight to nine hours, the energy level accumulates at the legs below the knees. Even though during sleep the body is getting sufficient rest, it may not hold good for people not having any work either in their houses or outside.
During the course of walking or some other type of physical exercises, the energy is made to flow over the veins and blood vessels thereby the body is getting fresh energy and the person not only feels fresh but also have a good appetite.
The time spent during sleep vary for each person. A person who is performing a high level of physical activity during the day needs a sleep for long hours whereas a person who has no activity at all needs lesser number of hours for sleep.
Many people apart them sleep during the night have the habit of sleeping for at least one to two hours during the day. Excessive sleep increases the body weight more and more. Apart from the weight gain, these people find it very difficult to switch over their habits.

Some suggestions for keeping the body slim and beautiful:
·         . Eat food only at regular intervals like a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avoid consumption of food during any time apart from the window  shopping
·         Have the habit of doing any physical exercise like – walking, jogging, using a treadmill, yoga etc at least for half an hour daily
·         Have restricted hours for your sleep.
·         Keep yourself engaged from early morning to late night in some type of constructive activities like – attending to children, reading books, shopping, travel, listening music, getting any employment etc
You can have a wonderful body once you follow the above simple rules in a strict manner

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