Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Successful leader formula in life

Be physically active, mentally alert
And intellectually convinced;
Be a self motivated person so as to
Raise enthusiasm of others too;
Be energetic and it is the highest quality
Of a leader;
Be at the helm, guide the organisation
To achieve higher goals and set new trends;
Be amiable, never be an authoritarian
Otherwise people will alienate your deeds;
Never be arrogant, go not show aversion
And do not be aloof;
Allow others to talk, listen to them
Adhere with their values;
Appraise others work, appreciate their talents and be a
Part of the process;
Analyse the aftermath, consequences, do some amendment, anticipate better results;
Have a right approach/right attitude
To attain your coveted goal at all times.

Beat the heat by drinking fruit juices

As the heat soars and temperatures cross the bearable mark during summer and other seasons, everyone runs for succour.
Dehydration and heat stroke are the commonest threats during this weather since the body loses salts and essential mineral through sweat. While water may quench the thirst, it does not provide the individuals with instant energy nor is it a replacement for the lost minerals.
Of the viable options available, juices are the best bet, say experts. Not only can juices give respite to parched throats; however, are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are low on calories and help boost the body’s immune system.
The human body is always working to keep a balance between as to how much heat it generates and how much it loses. As the scorching summer sun extracts all the vitamins and minerals from the body, a quick replacement should always be the priority. Fruit juices provide the perfect and speedy recovery, especially in today’s eat-on-the-run lifestyle.


Fruits of all pious actions
Fruits of all evil actions
In this life itself
You have to face it yourself.

Accept this knowledge, be aware;
One may do anything, go anywhere’
Lust, anger, greed and attachment, destroy devotion;
Bring under control these senses;
Miss not your destinations.
In pleasure and pain do not falter,
Keeping balance be a good server.
Forgetting all thoughts of mine and thine,
Also eschewing duality of all kinds,
Serve all equally well
Enjoy hearty joyous spell.

The Gossip Poem

My name is gossip;
I have no respect for justice
I break hearts and run lives
I am cunning, malicious and gather strength with age
The more I am quoted, the more I am believed
I flourish at every level of society.
My victims are helpless
They cannot protect themselves againt me because
I have no name and no face
To track me down is impossible
The harder you try, the more elusive I become;
I am nobody’s friend
Once I tarnish a reputation, it is never the same;
I topple governments and wreck marriages
I run careers and cause sleepless nights, headaches and indigestion
I spawn suspicion and generate grief
I make innocent people cry in their pillows
Even my name hisses
I am called as GOSSIP
Office gossip
Shop gossip
Party gossip
Telephone gossip
I make headlines and headaches
Remember, when you repeat a story, ask yourself
Is it true?
Is it fair?
Is it necessary?
If not, do not repeat it.

The concept of work

W o r k

Work is man’s greatest function/gift
He is nothing
He can do nothing
He can achieve nothing
Without working

If you are poor – work
If you are rich – work
If your burdened by unfair responsibilities – work
If you are happy – work
If your health is threatened – work

When faith falters – work
When dreams are shattered – work
When hope seem dead – work
Idleness gives room for doubt
Work is the greatest remedy for all problems;
So, work, work, work and work faithfully and sincerely

The road to success

The road to success is not straight
There is curve called as failure
A loop called as confusion
Speed bumps called as friends
Red lights called as enemies
Caution lights called as family
But, if you have the spare called as determination;
Insurance called as faith and
A driver called as hard work –
You will make it to a place called as success.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Born to win

Sitting on my chair, I was highly immersed in formulating the various strategies for the day to day activities. The responsibilities entrusted to the Director of one Rural Self Employment Training Institute differ from that of other educational institutions or administrative offices.
As a director, while I was just thinking of recruiting suitable trainees for the forthcoming training programs in regard to “Mushroom cultivation” and many other programs I heard somebody knocking the door of my cabin.
Without taking my eyes from the working sheets on my desk I told, “Yes -  come in”.
“Sir, I am Edward”.
Immediately on seeing the news brief released in various Tamil dailies by the Institute, for recruitment of trainees for the training program on – “Mobile phones servicing and repairing”, I started receiving a large number of representations in person, by post and over phone from aspiring trainees.
Amidst the crowd, Edward a medium built personality around 35 years’ old peeped himself inside my cabin and started listening to my conditions.
“Sir, I am Edward and I require training on mobile servicing and repairing”.
“We offer various training courses for the educated unemployed and financially deprived persons including housewives towards upgradation of their skills in specified areas and we motivate them and infuse confidence in them towards becoming an entrepreneur. I require people who had completed tenth standard and above to be recruited as trainees for this training program. I admit persons who had completed tenth standard and above only. Do you have the requisite qualifications?”
Once my introductory speech was over, he started telling.
“Yes sir”.
“In case you had not completed your tenth standard, I regret that I could not continue further in this connection”.
Suddenly, I could sense his face becoming pale.
He started telling, “I had completed my tenth standard seventeen years back. I am Engineering graduate with triple “Es”.”
“Friend, in such a case, I hope you can better get employed as an engineer in any government department or a private organization. Normally persons with higher qualifications do not pay much attention in the training program and I do not require trainees having lesser interest”
He could not take back his eyes from me. He started becoming nervous for some time and I could find that he was afraid of not getting an admission for the training program. He wanted to reply immediately; however,  appeared struggling for words and  I thought that he might cry at any time.
However, he started telling, “Sir, I am the only boy in my family and I have three sisters. My father is a farmer earning very meager income. I could complete my engineering degree after a long financial struggle. My family members struggled for my studies because I was the only child in my family who paid much attention to the studies. They imagined that I could earn at least Rs. 15000 on completion of my graduation. But in reality I was not so. I could have walked into more than 200 organizations throughout the state. When I fould that I could not get a job as an Engineer even after five years of my completion of engineering graduation, I offered to work myself for a meager salary of Rs. 2000 per month in a company as a sales representative for selling their products. That too not lasted for more than six months. Since the company could not continue their business, I was compelled to go for the job hunt again. I had almost forgetten that I am engineering graduate. All my attention was towards getting a job – whatever it may be in order to take care of my old parents and to get my sisters married soon. I hope that I can start a mobile servicing unit once you permit me to attend the training course offered by you since I find that your way of conducting the training programs are reported to be good and I could also find that the training is offered free of cost”.
Without any hesitation, I admitted him to the program and he was one among the bright trainees who took keen interest in learning the entire skills of servicing mobile phones.
I recollected all my memories of the past and wearing a bright smile on my face, I asked him.
“How are you and what can I do for you, Edward?”
“Sir, with the help of your Rural Self Employment Training Institute by offering me a training on “Servicing of mobile phones.” I found that I had grown to a great extent both mentally and emotionally. With your guidance I had started a mobile servicing unit in my area a month back and on an average I am earning an amount of Rs. 600 a day. I could also remember, as to how, I had struggled for Rs. 2000 per month five years back. I am really thankful to you and your Institute for having promoted me as an entrepreneur and I have great hopes that sooner or later I will be one among the top entrepreneurs in the area”.
He gave me a leaflet which outlined the services offered by his servicing unit and he also invited me to pay a visit to his shop.
I saw him move out of my cabin briskly and confidently. I could recollect the words uttered by Paul Solomon:
“I believe you come into the world to accomplish something and not something small or insignificant. That is not worthy of you. You came here to make a major contribution to life in this planet”.
The story has been published in: <http://yourstoryclub.com/short-stories-social-moral/short-story-with-moral-lesson-born-to-win/> ".

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A code of conduct for managers

As the questions are leading and suggestive, the Managers would themselves know what the right answers are and what they lack.

A manager who possesses good managerial and leadership qualities will never see his business organization fall.

01.  Are you a person of good principles ?
02.  Are life’s pleasures too much for you, to the point of overburdening you, or are they just enough to satisfy you ?
03.  Are you consistent in the practice of economic principles both in business and personal life ? Do you avoid conspicuous consumption of wealth and showy living ?
04.  Have you divided your time rightly between pursuit of virtues, wealth-generation and entertainments, or are you overindulging in pleasure with the newly acquired position and wealth ?
05.  Do you keep a watchful eye on what your associates, competitors and frustrated employees are doing ?
06.  After evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, will you keep an updated note of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses too ?
07.  Are you neutral to those who are neutral to you in your business pursuit ?
08.  Do you ensure that your managers/officers are virtuous ? Are they of good family background and thoughtful of your organisation’s welfare ? Are they able to distinguish between should-be done and should-not-be-done ? Managers/officers are the pillars of your organization. Are they well versed in their subjects ? Do they know how to keep a secret ? Are you sure that they are not susceptible to the influence of your competitors, your customers or your opponents ?
09.  In crucial decisions, do you consult experienced and wise men ? Do you have too many advisors ? Too many of them can drive you mad. Is your secretariat kept fully secret ? Can you allocate priorities to your tasks linking them with usefulness to your business ?
10.  Do you sleep too much ? Are you awake when required ? Do you keep your telephone receiver off at nights ? At nights, will you think of what needs to be done the next day and in the near future ? Or will you drink away or sleep away your nights ?
11.  Are you in the habit of starting something impulsively, abandoning it suddenly, and then restarting either the same thing or something else without a definite plan ?
12.  Do you entrust work to undependable and corrupt assistants ? Do you generally take care not to divulge to anyone such part of the plans of any major action as can be used to frustrate it ?
13.  Are you prepared to accept one learned and efficient key man rather than a number of useless fools, so that there is at least one person to help you substantially and usefully when you are in need ?
14.  Do you take blind leaps into the dark or calculated jumps with the required precision and precaution ?
15.  Are you sufficiently courageous, self-disciplined and clear thinking ?
16.  Do you practice or encourage jealousy and pettiness ?
17.  Do you take pains to appoint only responsible persons in responsible posts ? Or do you appoint the first-seen candidate overlooking his inadequacies, because either you lack patience to give minute attention to such matters or you consider them unimportant ?
18.  Are you capable of ensuring that your managers/officers are not corrupt or indolent and would not be bribed by your competitors and your customers ? Will you be able to ensure that your business secrets are not passed on to others by your so-called loyal employees in disguise, or by yourself foolishly or by your managers/officers  who are not shrewd ?
19.  Do you yourself have an unimpeachable integrity as shining example ?
20.  Are you in the habit of showing highhandedness ?
21.  Do you ever show signs of laziness which will make your staff doubles lazy ? Can others draw inspiration from your initiative and enthusiasm ?
22.  Do you know the importance of timely payment of wages and making available essential amenities to your employees especially when they are posted in underdeveloped workplaces ?
23.  Do you believe in honouring well-versed and capable persons ? Will you respectfully regard them even when they are your employees ?
24.  Do you give the confidence to your men that if they give their lives for you, you will support their widows and children ?
25.  Are you always absolutely impartial ? Do you value the society’s respect for you as an impartial man ?
26.  Are you clever enough to take advantage of your competitor’s weakness ?
27.  Do you have a flair for public relations or environmental relations ? Can you praise people in a natural way and get along with different types of people with ease ?
28.  If somebody known to you wins an award or gets a promotion will you go and see him or telephone him or at least send him a note sincerely congratulating him ?
29.  Will you take care to learn the right etiquette for different occasions and mix with people without inferiority complex, avoiding awkwardness ?
30.  Can you hide ill-feelings ?
31.  Do you generally have a conciliatory approach in conflicting situations ?
32.  Do you believe in training yourself and those serving you under the best available experts, even if it costs more ?
33.  Will you be clever enough to reap the harvest and fill your granary before declaring a war, so that there is no famine during the war ? In a business situation, this principle will be relevant in many ways. For example before you declare a lockout or suspend work as a business strategy, collect all possible payments from your clients and debtors, and ensure the welfare of your loyal employees and safety of your assets
34.  Will you be able to watch your men continuously to be sure that they remain trust-worthy ? Circumstances could spoil them at any time
35.  Do you openly indulge in drinking, gambling or womanizing, disregarding the public opinion and your employees impressions ? Will people ever see in public without dignity ?
36.  Do you show weakness in money matters ?
37.  Do you give gifts to deserving persons, befitting the occasion ?
38.  Do you have an eye for every detail concerning your personal and business matters, with a touch of perfection ?
39.  Do you give timely first attention to external matters concerning your business, instead of remaining tied down with internal administration which you can do at your convenience even after office hours ?
40.  Are you always deep and analytical in your thinking or do you act on impulses ? And what about your talks ? Are the words and expressions carefully chosen ?
41.  Do you look ahead and plan things well in advance and run your organization so that everything happens as a routine, without emergencies, last-minute rush and confusion ?
42.  Do you spot out persons who misappropriate your wealth and/or show weak-will and immaturity in their work, and them remove them ?
43.  Do you divulge secrets in the presence of possibly loosetongued persons ? Are you generally alert ? Do you know that unguarded talks in your car, in an aircraft or train compartment can carry your words far and wide ?
44.  Do you wish to be known as a strong man with reasonable an compassionate understanding who cannot be easily fooled, or as a “goody-goody” boss who can be carried away, robbed, fooled and then ridiculed, or as a terror ?
45.  Do you believe in systematic and methodical working or somehow-do-it way of unsystematic working ? Do you know that an unorganized work takes much longer time to complete han would an organized similar work ?
46.  Are you prepared to accept changes for greater success any number of times ? Or you always a conservative ?
47.  Do you run to your people’s help if a situation warrants, so that they respect you as their own father and feel secure under you, and thereby they will do more and better work for you ?
48.  Have you resolved to conduct yourself with dignity everywhere and thereby command respect ?
49.  Do you treat your customer as VIP even if he is an unimpressive person ?
50.  Do you try to be economical in using words, unless you have to outspeak somebody in some tough business bargain ?

51.  Are you ever sarcastic in your talk ? Do you know how to tak guarded “sweet-nothings” when it is just to fill time or to entratail comsbody ?
52.  Do you punish the guilty and honour the innocent without any consideration for personal likes or relationship ?
53.  Can people deposit their trust in your and feel safe ?
54.  Are you greedy / Do you believe in getting unearned money and becoming rich overnight ?
55.  Do you use diplomacy or might, first ?
56.  Have you ever thought how you would have liked your organization if you were the juniormost man working in it ?
57.  Do you publicly pat people on their back for their good performance to encourage them ?
58.  Do you know the importance of good communication-skill, impressive writing and effective talking ?
59.  Are you always a balanced person ?
60.  If you have something unpleasant to tell some one, will you tell him in the presence of others so that he feels humiliated or call him alone and tell him so that it has a good effect ?
61.  Do you patiently listen to what others have to say or cut them short and react ? Do you know that even the smallest person can sometimes give you wonderful ideas ?
62.  Do you try to collect and understand the full facts of a case before taking a decision or give a decision based on available facts, even when you know that there are still undisclosed facts ?
63.  Do you keep your wife informed of your gains and losses so that she cooperates with you when you pass through losses and financial problems ?
64.  Do you easily admit excuses offered to you by incapable and insincere fellows ?
65.  Are you in the habit of doing creative thinking ? Or you expect some other brilliant person to do all the thinking for you ?
66.  Do you observe people’s behaviour and expressions keenly or you are superficial and shallow ? Can you see through others evil minds ?
67.  Do you suffer from your false-ego problems ?  Do you hide your inferiority complex by trying to be superior to others ?
68.  When you deal with people, do you sincerely try to leave a lasting impression on their minds ?
69.  Do you always remain alert to make use of the first available opportunity or wait for a bigger one which in this life time may not come ?
70.  Do you know that your dread for public speaking is unnecessary because the most eloquent speaker of today had more stage-fright than you yesterday ?
71.  Do you clear your day’s work every day without putting off something for the next day or always sit by the side of a huge heap of pending papers and files ? Do you know how to get some part of your work done by others with your perfection ?
72.  Do you always wish for practical application of what you have learned ?
73.  Are you discreet in all your approaches ? Do you plan even small things in order to avoid pitfalls ?
74.  Do you cleverly avoid the company of undesirable persons whose association can harm you ? Do you know that you can get bad “brand names” without your knowledge ?
75.  Are you meticulous in your dress, without overdressing but never ignoring decency, cleanliness, occasions and your position ?

76.  Do you budget and plan the use of your time ?Do you know how to avoid time-wasters ?
77.  Are you generally earnest in all matters you handle ?
78.  Can you firmly say “No” with a smile ?
79.  When you meet a business friend, do you straightway open your business talk or you at least enquire how he is and how his family members (known to you) are, and what are the changes in his personal life since your last meeting ?
80.  Do you strive to evolve a code of your own high principles which will hold you aloft everywhere or your just want to live a run-of-the mill type life, like any other ordinary person ?
81.  Do you have at least one extra-curricular activity which will relax you and keep you close to atleast one section of the society which matters ?
82.  If you make rules, are you the first to observe them or your rules are meant only for others ?
83.  Are you shy to ask for help when needed ? Do you know that while you as a lone individual may not be able to do things beyond a certain quantum, you can get unlimited volumes of work done in the best manner you want, if you know how to ask for help and from whom ?
84.  If you make an open mistake, will you admit it openly with dignity or try to hide it or offer justifications ?
85.  While you expect others to be loyal to you, are you loyal to others ?
86.  While dealing with people, do you bear in mind that life is still very long and you are most likely to come across the same person again in the same life somewhere hereafter ?
87.  Do you have the habit of writing down things in a diary and looking at them every morning for follow up ?
88.  Do you avoid doing purely personal work during office hours, except as a part of social or professional service necessary as the top boss ?
89.  Do you respect and follow others’ rules, even when you consider them inferior to your own ?
90.  Do you expect your subordinates to be servile while dealing with you or you like them to behave as equals with respect and dignity ?
91.  Do you fear and lack of confidence generally hunt you from within ?
92.  Are you punctual everywhere ?
93.  Are your approaches always positive or mostly negative ? Do you first say “impossible” ?
94.  Can you counter a person’s points without offending him and without losing your temper ?
95.  Do you know your limits in various situations ?
96.  Do you know that any knowledge can be learned if only there is a will and that your age is no bar ?
97.  Do you know that every human being has some disturbing problem and if you can manage to find out that and help him solve it, that person will do anything for you thereafter ?
98.  Do you act in anger ? And are the letters and dismissal orders you write when you are angry kept for a second reading the next day before despatch ?
99.  Do you know that the problems which worry you and frighten you most should be attended to first in order to make you mentally free ?
100.Do you know that your strength which you have not yet used is tremendous and exactly that the reason why it should be tried now ?

101.Do you know that there is nothing wrong in bringing office work home and completing it quietly instead of allowing it to accumulate and suffer ?
102. Do you re-read important documents and contracts at intervals so that vague memories do not mislead you or make you fumble ?
103.Are you an organized person with clear targets, and do you keep your work place tidy so that your mind also will be tidy devoid of confusion ?
104. Are you flexible and practical or rigid and stubborn ?
105. Will you encourage your men’s initiative and independence ?
106. Will you keep note of all relevant details of your employees  whom you personally come across, so that you are able to enquire about their welfare and maintain a fatherly touch which will create lots of goodwill in them ?
107. Do you think that even when you become a much bigger man you will attend to your people’s reasonable grievances personally ?
108. Do you believe in team-work ?
      109. Will you pass on to your employees a part of your gains or keep every gain to
            Yourself ?
      110. Do you show sincere concern for the welfare of your people ?
      111. Do you know that once you are caught bluffing, even if that was the only one of
             Your whole life, all your statements, however honest they are, will be doubted ?
     112. Have you thought that when you talk ill of a person to another, that somebody
             Will know that you would talk ill of him too ?