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During the course of a discussion the following was the topic selected by the forum members:

Why is training so important for a job/on the job after undergoing so many years of education ? Does it mean that the trainers are doing better job than the teachers ?

The following valid points emanated from three members are reproduced here below for the information of the readers

Member 01:
Necessarily there is a difference between a teacher and the trainer.   It is like working in a hotel. A person who manages the kitchen is called the chef and the person who manages the entire administration is called the “manager”.The same person can be a chef at one point of time and a manager on remaining occasions, however, the role differs according to the responsibility undertaken

In the instant case, the teacher fills the knowledge gap. He is instrumental in enabling the student learn more on the subjects selected. In the case of a trainer, he enables the trainee to acquire certain competencies. Unless a person acquires the necessary competencies like communication ability, leadership quality, time management, inter personal relationship, problem solving capability, emotional skills etc, whatever may be his academic caliber he cannot justify the post he occupies. It may be managing a retail shop – where he has to handle the difficult customers, manage time to service the customers promptly and efficiently.

Member: 02
As earlier said, the same person can be a teacher and the trainer. While he performs the role of a teacher, he concentrates much on the subjects he has to handle rather than the behavioural aspects of the student. The cause, he may not be having required time and to mention specifically , as a teacher he has to necessarily make a thorough research over the subjects he handles and should be in a position to clarify the doubts raised by the students at all times.

In the case of a trainer, he has no subjects to teach. He has only personalities to train. Towards training the personalities he  focuses his in depth study in reading  mindset of the trainees and  employs various tools to impart the necessary skills at appropriate time  like communication ability, leadership quality , problem solving ability , time management, logical thinking etc etc

When the boy wants to learn a subject, his role is said to be a student and when he wants to learn his own competencies and soft qualities, he is called a trainee and while the teacher makes an earnest attempt in enabling the student understand the subjects, the trainer enables the trainee understand his own traits measured in the form of strengths and weaknesses

Member: 03
In a sense dice are loaded against the teachers and in favour of the trainers. A teacher has to cover a variety of topics. It is almost everything under the sun. Most of the business schools especially in countries like India expect the students to cram as many as twelve to fifteen courses in a semester  during the course of acquiring MBA qualification. This increases the burden not only on the part of the students but also on the teachers as well. Normally they are always on the comparison mode with their counterparts in other business schools. The time available for completion of these types of exercises is very limited. Moreover, teachers by virtue of the qualities acquired through their profession rarely possess real life experiences to highlight the students in pursuit of acquiring any soft qualities.

A trainer on the other hand has fairly a narrow and focused set of items to cover, These are normally related to the immediate job requirements of the students. The trainer needs to have varieties of live-wire examples to drive home the trainees in understanding the required competencies and the lab or practice sessions which are more valuable to bring in requisite skills are also likely to be more focused in case of company-organised or facilitated programmes.

In the case of industry-oriented  training programmes, the focus is requirement based and confined to limited walls. This is almost a luxury that the teacher in a school or college environment cannot afford.

The teacher by default, has to cover a wide range of topics which in many times deviates the focus

How to counter this ?

The school curriculam should be brought out in such a way  that  more thrust  is emphasized in bringing out elements consisting of information flow, knowledge generation, skill building and application of mental capabilities.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to reduce the risks involved in using cell phones ?

Can anybody think of a day during which not even a single call has been made by you using your  cell phones ? Very rare.  Majority of the population throughout the world are in the habit of using cell phones nowadays – whether they belong to a rich country or an underdeveloped country.
However, there are many ill effects in using cell phones. We rarely notice that cell phones are slowly damaging our health in many ways.
How to protect our health when we use our  cell phones ?
The following are some tips in protecting ourselves from the effects of radiation when we use our cell phones:
·        Avoid using cell phones continuously for a long time. When you have a choice between a cell phone and a landline connection at your place it is advisable to use the landline telephone rather than cell phone.
·        Instead of using cell phones directly near our ears, we can make use of the head-set provisions
·        We can utilize the messaging services in lieu of cell phones, which will save money also
·        The effect of radiation will be more when the availability of signal is minimum and under such circumstances, it is better to use the cell phone at a place where the issue of non availability of sufficient signal does not arise
·        When you select cell phones, always choose cell phones having lesser “specific absorption rate”. These cell phones normally emit lesser radiation. “Specific absorption rate” means the tolerance level of our body from the effects of radiation emitted through electromagnetic waves
·        Do not allow children to use cell phones much. They are affected more than elders due to radiation
·        When you keep cell phones, keep the receiver-portion nearer to your ear and the remaining portion away from ear and body. Rightly speaking keep cell phones in a slanting position rather than keeping straight and attached to the ear
·        Don’t keep the cell phone closed with your entire palm. It will be not only uncomfortable for you but also  the effect of radiation will be more
·        You can use the facility of loud speaker available in the cell phone when you are engaged in conversations other than of confidential nature
·        As far as possible keep your conversation to the point
·        Keep the cell phones away from your body.
·        Do not keep the cell phones in your hands and pockets for a long time
·        Do not use cell phones when you are having your baby with your body. They will be affected more than you when you use the cell phones
·        As far as possible switch off your cell phones during the night, otherwise keep them at a safe distance
·        During the process of charging the  cell phones the effect of radiation will be more. Do not forget to keep the cell phones at safer distances at the time they are charged


On account of continuous use of information technology, the word called “PASSWORD” has become a popular name amongst all persons who are handling computers and mobile phones each day
I wish to submit a few tips as to how a password can be created in a simple way
Passwords are required at the time of opening an email account and at the time of getting into a website as a registered member. Nowadays, those who are using the internet facility to a great extent, especially professionals who are having their earnings through internet usages like article writing, online marketing etc. are having multiple number of email accounts and blogs with various service providers and are registered members of various websites depending upon the nature of their activities.

Under such circumstances, some users are having different passwords for each email, blog and website and for example a person who is having 10 email accounts, 10 blogs and in case he is a registered member in 20 websites  he has to necessarily have 40 different passwords. Let us imagine, the memory power of the user, if he is handling the above platforms regularly, otherwise he has to possess in his pocket a diary twentyfour hours a day where all  passwords are recorded.

Password should be created in such a way that it cannot be duplicated by any other person. The following are the simple rules to be followed in creating a password
·        Select a number and  a word and create a password with alphanumeric characters
·        Normally the password length should be eight characters unless specifically requested by any service provider to have the length below the standard eight characters
·        A person given a chance to devise a password for his email account will normally select his name only because the name is the very easiest word to be remembered by any person at all times. If it is a number, the choice will be the year of birth, date of birth etc.
·        Very rarely people select chose the names of their spouses, daughters and sons for password purposes
·        Some people select the names of their companies having some portion of their names as the prefix or suffix for creating a password

Any good password has the following qualities:
·        It is crisp;  has required or minimum length; simple to use; easy to remember; more secured; cannot be duplicated; cannot be forged

Let us imagine how different persons create their passwords. Let us select the following name as an example:
Year of birth: 1963
To have an email account to become a registered member in any website, a person needs to have an id(email id or membership id as the case may be) and to enable the id, he requires a password.
Let us imagine that  the person mentioned above wants to create one id from out of the following: He thinks that by creating such a complicated and complex id, he is building a strong and secure id.
Just think it over. Is it necessary that the id  should be so lengthy; complicated to produce; hard to remember; more complex in nature ?
Is there no other way by which the person named above can create a simple, crisp and easy id ?
By creating one email id as above, he is putting himself into trouble and he may not be able to reproduce the id so easily whenever he wants to do so.
The id for the abovementioned can be created in a simple way in the following manner:
In the above cited four examples, the words are simple and can be remembered easily and reproduction takes very lesser time.

There are no guidelines in creating a strong or very strong password. It depends upon the creative ability of the person who creates the password.
The following are the suggestions for the password for the person mentioned above:
Normally the length of the password should not be less than eight characters and passwords can be created with more than characters. However, in order to remember the password easily, it is better not to have a very lengthy password. I suggest that the length of the password can be ten to twelve characters and the combination of a password can be in the following manner:
Out of the above four examples, the last two seem to be better choices.
For easy remembrance the password can be constructed as follows:
·        Three characters from his first name
·        Next three characters from his middle name
·        Last three characters from his last name
·        Four characters representing the year of birth
Password characters coined from the name of the person cannot be so easily forgotten, however, the method of combination should be remembered for ever. The strong or very strong password should be the combination of characters – numerals and strings.
As such while the year of birth is selected, two digits can be substituted by a string like $ or &

Even by applying any number of permutations and combinations, the password as suggested below:
cannot be so easily thought of and reproduced by persons  other than the owner
Even though you are having multiple email accounts, blogs and membership accounts in various websites, it is advisable to have your pass word restricted to not more than three. At the time you forget your password, you have to apply various thinking techniques  to bring to your memory the password apart from spending your valuable time. Have your password very simple, easy for remembrance and at the same time more secured. Many websites test the quality of any  password at the time a person enrolls himself  as a member in their website by certifying  the  strength of the password  as : WEAK – MEDIUM – STRONG – VERY STRONG
Always have your password certified as STRONG if not VERY STRONG
Especially those who are having the habit of banking through online, their passwords should be very strong.
Please also remember to change your passwords periodically say once in three months or six months etc. Do not disclose your password to anybody else. In case you disclose your password to your close relative during emergent situations, do not forget to change the password immediately during your next operations
By having poor passwords, people are losing millions of their hard earned money from their banking accounts each day
Also record your passwords for each type of accounts in a separate diary or note book and keep the note book safely and securely


For most people, life is a repetitive drill. Walking up from the bed at the same time, brushing the same way, drinking coffee, reading same newspaper, a time bound bath, a hurried breakfast, road rage on the way to work, gossip and lunch with same people, returning to home through the same route, same mega serials, same type of arguments, compulsive dinner, same bed and waking up the next day to continue this round the clock routine exercises

People call themselves as busy, however, life need not be a mundane task. It need not be the repeated exercises for umpteen number of days and times. It need not be an imposition. It need not be a life imprisonment. There is more to the life than existing.

Pursue a new proficiency each year and see how exciting life can be. Let there not be a phase in our life when we were not enrolled as an active student. It could be music lessons, a yoga class, playing instruments, dance classes, playing ball badminton in a court, new fitness regimes, new languages, creative writing, painting, speaking in various seminars, gardening, photography, attending to music concerts etc etc.

The life can be never ending, if we really want them to be.

Let us always be an explorer of life. Let us keep experimenting. Let us keep trying and feed our curiosity and inquisitiveness. Let us keep attempting something that has not been attempted before

Like trying out new cuisines, new hair styles, different clothes, visiting unusual places etc. Men can enter the kitchen for a day and serve the entire family. Leave your cars and two wheelers and use a public transport for a day. Go on a voice rest the other day. Try out new things at work place. Leave the table and work sitting on the floor. Go for a vacation to an unknown destination. Have your dinner in the terrace. Visit the sea shore and sit there calmly for an hour

Again the list is endless. Get creative with life. Keep going. Keep changing

More than all our successes, achievements and accomplishments, the formula to a lively life is to perpetually ask this question.

When was the last time I did something for the first time ?

Celebrate your life. Stamp your presence on every day of your life. Spell life with energy and enthusiasm. Above all try to envy yourself for having tried new things each day.


A lark made her nest in a field of young wheat. The lark was happy with her five children in the field because she knew that the wheat would be harvested some time later and not in the immediate future. As the days passed, the wheat stalks grew taller and taller and the young birds too grew in strength. Then one day, when the ripe golden grain waved in the breeze, the farmer and his son came in to the field

“This wheat is now ready for reaping”, said the farmer. “We must call in our neighbours and friends to help us harvest it”

The young larks in their nest close by were much frightened , for they knew they would be in great danger within a few days in case they did not leave the nest before the reapers came for the harvest. When the mother lark returned with food for the young ones, they told her what they had heard sometime back

“Do not be frightened, my dear children”, said the mother very calmly. “If the farmer said that he would call in his neighbours and friends to help him to do his work, this wheat will not be reaped for a while yet”

A few days later, the wheat was so ripe that when the wind shook the stalks, a hail of wheat grains started coming down rustling on the young lark’s head

“If the wheat is not harvested at once, we shall lose half the crop and we cannot wait any longer for help from our friends. Tomorrow, we must set to work, ourselves and we need no help from others”

Again this time, when the young ones, while the mother lark  returned  for feeding her children told  her what they had heard that day, she said in sharp tone “Then we must be off at once. When a man decides to do his own work and not depend on anyone else, then you can be sure there will be no more delay.”

There was much fluttering and trying out of wings that afternoon, and at sunrise next day, when the farmer and his son cut down the grain, they found an empty nest

If we have goals and procrastination, we will have nothing. But if we have goals and action, we will have everything that we want.

Do it now


Stop thinking – “This is the way we have done earlier and so this is the right way it has to be done:” Please do remember. You are suffering from a traditional paralysis  now and in fact more number of people are suffering from this disease. You know, nothing grows on ice. If we let our past freeze our minds, new ideas will not sprout.  Stop backward, regressive thinking and start forward, progressive thinking.

When you drive a vehicle, if you go on looking at the rear view mirror, just think it over – what will happen to you ? You need to focus your entire attention through the glass mirror in front of you and you need occasional visits to your rear view mirror and not regular visits.

Absolute perfection in any human endeavour, from building satellites to rearing children, is unattainable. There is endless scope for improvement and only successful people know this very well  That is the reason – they will not usually ask _”Can I do it better ?” They know very well that they can. So they used to ask the question – “How can I do it better ?”

Think “Improvement” in everything you do and try to develop the habits of doing things in a better way every time you make an attempt. Believing something can be done sets the mind in motion to find a way of doing it. There is a way. But there is always a “better” way. When you believe and really believe that something can be done, then your mind goes to work to find out ways of doing it. Many of us whip and defeat our desires simply because we concentrate on “why we can’t do it”, when the only worthy thing needs concentration at that moment is “why and how we can do it”

In almost everything in life, from work to home to community development, the formula for success is – “Do what you do even better” (Improve the quality of your output everytime you attempt to do it) and “do more of what you do” (increase the quantity of what you do)

“Qualitative upgradation plus quantitative growth is progress”  and this is the success formula

Try to develop this habit of reminding yourself every now and then: “I am better today  than I think”  Moreover constantly remind yourself that you are not doing as much as you can – so you can do more of everything than what you are already doing.

Capability is the ability to do things better what you are already doing and capacity is about doing more of what you are already doing.

Improve your capability and increase your capacity

That is  - ‘PROGRESS”.


Learning is an exercise. People learn things from their early childhood from the day they were born. Once the process of learning is stopped, the progress also stops at once. Every day we learn and rightly speaking, we learn each moment.

Learning is possible not by answers alone, but by valid questions. We often question. We question our family members, friends and everybody around us. In fact we are questioning ourselves. No questions – no answers

Once a disciple asked” “Why do bad things always happen to good people ?”. The guru replied: “When the question itself is wrong, how do you expect me to answer it ?”

The question should have been – “What happens to good people when bad things happen to them ?” and the reply would be: “They become better people “

It is not the quantum of our intelligence, but it is the direction of our intelligence that determines the pace of our progress. It is like using a knife. Can be for constructive purposes or destructive. And, of course our intelligence can be directed and it is possible only when we know how to ask the right questions. To whom.?  To others as well as  ourselves. Whenever you face troubles, ask a question :”Why it is happening to me ?” and just listen to the response of your intelligence. Now again ask : “Why me ?” for all those countless blessings like joyful events with your family members, increase in emoluments etc etc and again listen to the voice of your intelligence. Now just find out the difference. Just experience the power of your above two questions. One right question asked at the right time can change the direction of our intelligence, and thus change the direction of our life.

“Why it is happening to me ?” sets your intelligence in a direction that will lead you to self pity. In the meantime, if you ask:”What can I learn from this ?” and it will direct you to higher maturity. If you feel stagnant and if you are not growing at the pace which you can grow, if you are going in the direction that will not lead to your goals, if you are encountering issues that are repetitive in nature, then you can be sure that you are not using the right questions. It means, you are not directing your intelligence right. Our intelligence has in inherent compulsion to answer any question that is posted to it, either by you or by the world. So, choose your questions and direct your intelligence in constructive ways

Isidor Issac Rabi, a physicist and Nobel laureate, recognized for his discovery of nuclear magnetic, resonance said, “My mother made me a scientist without even intending to. Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child after school, “So, did you learn anything today ?”. But not my mother. “Son”, she would say, “Did you ask a good question today ?”. That difference – asking good questions – made me a scientist”

While everybody never bothered to ask the question “Why the apple is falling down ? one person asked the question: “Why the apple is falling down and why it should not go upwards ?” He got the answer and we also got and the world has not been the same ever since.

All inventions and discoveries begin with one thing only – “A question”. All the technological inventions of today – ipod, cellphones, nano technology, graphics, multimedia etc etc – we find and enjoy today are because of “questions and questions”

Arjuna with his questions gave a direction to Krishna’s intelligence, which we know as the “Bhagavath Geeta”

It does not matter if you do not have all the answers. What truly matters is – do you have the right questions ?

Now your intelligence is waiting for you. Ask and you shall receive

Ask this question now – “How can I make use of this information for the betterment of everybody ?

Friday, June 17, 2011


If we just put this question to anybody especially young women between the age groups – 13 to 45, nobody will agree to have a fat belly and bulky bottom
There is a close relationship between the personality and body physique. While we see ladies having fat bellies  finding it difficult to either walk or climb any staircase, we are prone to feel sympathy over them. Probably they may not be able to notice our feelings and thoughts. What is the reason for this type of ladies who are indifferent in maintaining their own personality and body structure ?
They can neither walk briskly nor bend their knees and shoulders to pick up the items on the floor. They have to employ people for helping them in this connection. Is it very difficult to reduce the body weight?
·         For a beautiful and healthy personality, weight gain is really a minus point
·         Beauty is not visible in the colour of the skin. Women with black skin by keeping their bodies fit and healthy , can look more beautiful than a white skinned bulky girl
·         It is also not related to any age. Many young girls at the age of  13 have bodies equivalent to that of 40 years’ old women.
Instead of worrying about reducing the body weight after a long time, by following certain beauty tips, further weight can surely be reduced.
However, out of many women folks who are trying to reduce their weight, rarely some people attain success on account of the facts, that they are less determined to continue the techniques in reducing body weight.
The following reasons can be attributed for the above:

Eating junk food every now and then having no control over the intake of foods. As and when any food item is visible or made visible to them, they are prone to have taste over the items. They are least bothered that these food items once consumed will definitely increase the calorie levels in their bodies which cannot be reduced so easily in future days
One of the reasons for increase in body weight is the absence of any habit by which the body is given the required momentum. Women especially housewives not having any household work rarely have a better physique unless and otherwise they are having the habit of doing any physical exercises. The simplest form of keeping the body is to have a small walk for nearly thirty minutes a day. During the course of walking, the entire body parts except the neck and head are having enough exercises especially the hands from the shoulders and the legs from the hips.
It has to be borne in mind that while we are asleep during the night for about eight to nine hours, the energy level accumulates at the legs below the knees. Even though during sleep the body is getting sufficient rest, it may not hold good for people not having any work either in their houses or outside.
During the course of walking or some other type of physical exercises, the energy is made to flow over the veins and blood vessels thereby the body is getting fresh energy and the person not only feels fresh but also have a good appetite.
The time spent during sleep vary for each person. A person who is performing a high level of physical activity during the day needs a sleep for long hours whereas a person who has no activity at all needs lesser number of hours for sleep.
Many people apart them sleep during the night have the habit of sleeping for at least one to two hours during the day. Excessive sleep increases the body weight more and more. Apart from the weight gain, these people find it very difficult to switch over their habits.

Some suggestions for keeping the body slim and beautiful:
·         . Eat food only at regular intervals like a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avoid consumption of food during any time apart from the window  shopping
·         Have the habit of doing any physical exercise like – walking, jogging, using a treadmill, yoga etc at least for half an hour daily
·         Have restricted hours for your sleep.
·         Keep yourself engaged from early morning to late night in some type of constructive activities like – attending to children, reading books, shopping, travel, listening music, getting any employment etc
You can have a wonderful body once you follow the above simple rules in a strict manner

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


What differentiates the likes of Eistein and Leonardo Da Vince from others ? They are one of the most creative men the world has ever seen. Were they born creative ? The answer is a big “No”. Einstein suffered from Dyslexia, a learning disorder which was propagandised through the popular Hindi movie – Taare Zameen Par. He was a failure in school and often tagged by his tutors as a boy with a very low “:IQ”. But Einstein fought his disabilities with his inquisitiveness and consistently trained his mind to think creatively. These inquisitions laid the foundation for his “Theory of Relativity” which has found a p;lace in almost all genres of science.

Leonardo Da Vince is often referred to as a master of all trades. He was a sculptor, a painter, an inventor, a musician, a mathematician and a very strong man physically. His ability to break free from the shackles of the constrained thinking has stupefied many great minds. Though he suffered many failures during his early formative years, he went on to become one of the greatest minds that the world has ever seen. During his time he developed a prototype of the modern day helicopter and space ship. How could he foresee this at that time when the greatest inventors of the 21st century could come out with a vague blue print a few decades back ? That is creativity at its best for you.

How to think creatively ? It is no rocket science. To spur the creative spark in us, we first need to understand that there is no singly solution to a problem/issue. There are many. The onus is on us to choose the best out of the lot. If we ask a small kid in how many ways he can put his shirt on, then probably he will show the way its been done by Spiderman, Batman and the whole gamut of cartoon characters with exemplified histrionics. Their mind is constantly on the look out of new things and for them the world is a big jig saw puzzle which needs to be assembled and re-assembled every other day. But as we grow up, we lose our ability to think creatively. We are spoon fed with solutions to each problem that we often forget to use our brain effectively when it is required. The end result is a cluttered confused mind devoid of inspiration. We often fall into the realm of patternised thinking and end up pre-programming each and every activity of our day to day lives. To be creative, we need to come out of this mental stupor. We need to change the pattern. Anything that helps us to deviate from the mundane rhythm can spur creativity.

Battles are often won through wit and strategy and seldom through might and power.

The time has come to unleash the Einsteins and the Da Vincis in us and gear up to face the challenges in a creative and innovative way.



Competition is a natural phenomenon of human life. From the time we were little children, barely knee high to our parents, we have learnt to compete for what we want. Since then competition has embedded itself into the fabric of our day to day lives. From buying to selling to learning to dealing, the tentacles of competition have seeped into every aspect of human advancement. The moment we step out of the cozy confines of our house, we are spooled into the whirlpool of a “Competitive World” where it is no longer the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the smartest.

Humans are naturally inclined to better themselves and make progressive improvement in their lives. Without competition, the world would have been so different and mundane. There would not have been any sports, games, civilizations, business or the other advancements that we see around us today. Peter M Senge, through his path breaking book – The Fifth Discipline, brought out the importance of competition in the evolution of various civilizations. His finds revealed that the civilizations which were caught in the constant flux of competition, at times with nature (floods) or with epidemics (plague) or with other civilizations (invasions), evolved and thrived whereas the others were left far behind. He extrapolated this philosophy to the business world and coined the term – Learning Organisation, where the organization consistently learns from its employees and competitors and tries to improve in every aspect. Competition always brings out the best in us. Just imagine if Bjorn Borg, Gary Kasparov and Muhammed Ali never had competitiors like John McEnroe, Anatoly Karpov and George Foreman ? Without these very enterprising competitors these mere mortals would never have become the legends they are today.

The work place can be made into a breeding ground of healthy competitions where the employees compete with each other for the attainment of a common goal. Competitions should always be constructive and help us gravitate close towards individual/organizational excellence. A healthy competition yields something positive for the organization as well as the employees. The underlying tenet is that we should always use our co-workers success as motivation to improve our own performance.

“ The ability to learn faster than our competitors is the greatest competitive advantage”

Business success depends on the ability to compete with our rivals. Competition facilitates generation of new ideas and helps to deliver the best.


A plump little girl and a thin little bird
Were out in the meadows together.

‘How cold that poor little bird must be
Without any clothes like mine’, said she,
‘Although it is sunshiny weather’.

‘A nice little girl is that’, said he,
‘But oh how cold she must be, for see
She hasn’t a single feather

So each shivered to think of the other poor thing,
Although it was sunshiny weather.


Various programmes were going on at a circus. A juggler started doing his performance. As he went on to perform more and more difficult tricks, the excitement started to rise from among the audience.

At last, he came to the most difficult of the tricks where he had to basket a ball on a 12 feet pole attached to the plate that he was holding with his legs, while lying on his back.
The awe struck audience began to applaud, anticipating a perfect basket.  For a split second, the juggler thought about the loud applause that he would get after the successful performance. The concentration wavered and down came the ball with a thud which was followed by a long oooh…from the audience.

Had the juggler had kept his concentration intact on the trick instead of anticipating the applause of the audience, he would have definitely succeeded in his performance.

Let us think for a while. Do we too perform to get appreciation or let appreciation come as a result of good performance ?

What is the moral of the story ?

Let us focus ourselves on doing the job rather than wondering about the results.
The results will be always fantastic.