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In this article there are health prescriptions as to how the neck can be kept erect, disease free and looking straight keeping the personality looking admirable
Take a reasonable quantity of boiled potatoes and two spoons of clean and warm milk and make a paste from the above and apply the paste to all  parts of the neck and after half an hour wash your neck on all sides with warm water and wipe off the water with clean towel. Now look in the mirror, You have a clean neck. Once you continue the exercise for a period of three months, you can feel the difference. Your neck will look good  and people will start admiring.  This exercise removes the wrinkles in the neck.
Take some quantity of turmeric powder, lemon juice, little amount of honey and mint leaves powder or the mint leaves paste, if available, and make a paste out of the above. Now apply the paste and follow the method as suggested in the earlier paragraph. This exercise removes any black marks over the parts of the neck.
Take a reasonable quantity of baby oil and massage the  parts of the neck for nearly ten minutes and this exercise increases the blood circulation in the neck and removes unwanted fats. After  massaging exercise wash the neck with Bengal gram flour and wipe off the same with a clean towel
Take a reasonable quantity of sandalwood powder and the mix the same with rose water. Take six to eight drops of lemon juice and mix the same with water and with the above make a paste and apply the paste to the parts of the neck for nearly ten minutes and wash off finally with warm water.
Make a paste out of sour curd, some quantity of Bengal gram flour and lemon juice and apply this paste to the parts of your neck and after half an hour wash off with clean water
Rub with apricot scrub over your neck from all sides and when it is dry wash with Bengal gram flour. The skin will glow
Making use of the good quality bleach cream can also turn the colour of the skin around your neck
You can also use for massaging the parts of your neck with  good quality cold cream, badam oil, seasame oil or coconut oil. This will leave the parts of your neck smooth and the glowing of your neck will be found after some days
As and when time permits, you can also use pure lemon juice on your neck and this exercise will remove the blackness of the skin
You can do some smooth exercises with your fingers at least for four times a day so that your neck looks straight and attractive
Make a paste out of pure curd and little amount sugar and apply the paste to your neck and face and your neck and face gets its original colour after some days
You can also use cucumber juice to the neck and wash off the same after 20 minutes
In case you find many wrinkles in your neck, take equal quantity of the white portion of egg, rose water and glycerine and apply the paste to the neck and wash the paste after half an hour
You have to do the following exercises in the morning and evening without fail. Turn your head left, right, up and down for some time and this exercise relieves strains in your neck.
You can mix turmeric powder with milktop (cream) and massage the paste in the parts of the neck and after half an hour you can wash your neck with luke warm water
Depending upon the necessity and availability of the products mentioned above , you can follow any or some of the methods
Proper diet, physical exercise coupled with  necessary rest to the body parts  will definitely keep your  neck straight, attractive and wrinkle free.
You can altogether avoid approaching any physician and with the natural products, available,  you can have your body parts kept neat and clean and free from diseases.

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