Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recommendation for reducing stress

In this article, some tips have been given as to how the stress level can be reduced so that a comfortable and healthy living can be achieved.

At the first instance, you should make a list of stress triggers and learn how to recognize them followed by relaxation in such situations.

What is a stress ? Stress is nothing but accumulated thoughts which are not acceptable to the mind. Normally thoughts about the business and occupation will occupy more space in the mental corridor. People tend to consider those thoughts as harmful. Otherwise, instead of coming to a conclusion that stress is common for everybody whether they are working in a tea shop or in a big organization they used to think that they are the only persons who are experiencing more stress levels. Stress is common to everybody, however, the level of stress varies according to the mental capability of individuals. Even a mother who is working at home can reach highest stress levels in situations where she feels not comfortable. A person sitting idle can also have a certain stress level. He may be under stress that he cannot sleep comfortably. In fact it is a proven fact, that stress is required to bring energy levels to the peak so that the assigned task can be comfortably done. Instead of having negative or biased opinions  about stress, when a person starts thinking that stress can bring him good results, he can make use of such stressed situations in a beneficial manner and achieve the required results.

Let us imagine a situation in which you feel that your stress level is more and you are not in a position to control stress or contain stress. The only solution for you at this situation is to make yourself more cheerful

Always remember the following saying: ‘Please smile – the world looks better this way”

When you are uncomfortable and feeling  more stressed, try to relax by slowing down your thoughts;  start breathing slowly and steadily and try  to imagine that you are peaceful and calmful.

Even if you are not comfortable after the above simple exercises, try to shift your thoughts away for sometime and when you are not able to shift your thoughts, shift yourself from the present place or location for some time . In case you are in a stressed situation at your cabin, go to the nearby window or garden and look at the green trees, birds and animals and even insects moving in the plants and trees here and there  and make a  research for couple of minutes as to what business those birds, animals and insects are moving. This will shift your mental focus and you will come to a calm situation within minutes. Now go to your seat and start working. You will be in a different mental state,  your thoughts will be afresh and you can feel that you are having more energy to accomplish the assigned talk in a successful manner
Stress is not a disease, it is only a habit.

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