Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Stop thinking – “This is the way we have done earlier and so this is the right way it has to be done:” Please do remember. You are suffering from a traditional paralysis  now and in fact more number of people are suffering from this disease. You know, nothing grows on ice. If we let our past freeze our minds, new ideas will not sprout.  Stop backward, regressive thinking and start forward, progressive thinking.

When you drive a vehicle, if you go on looking at the rear view mirror, just think it over – what will happen to you ? You need to focus your entire attention through the glass mirror in front of you and you need occasional visits to your rear view mirror and not regular visits.

Absolute perfection in any human endeavour, from building satellites to rearing children, is unattainable. There is endless scope for improvement and only successful people know this very well  That is the reason – they will not usually ask _”Can I do it better ?” They know very well that they can. So they used to ask the question – “How can I do it better ?”

Think “Improvement” in everything you do and try to develop the habits of doing things in a better way every time you make an attempt. Believing something can be done sets the mind in motion to find a way of doing it. There is a way. But there is always a “better” way. When you believe and really believe that something can be done, then your mind goes to work to find out ways of doing it. Many of us whip and defeat our desires simply because we concentrate on “why we can’t do it”, when the only worthy thing needs concentration at that moment is “why and how we can do it”

In almost everything in life, from work to home to community development, the formula for success is – “Do what you do even better” (Improve the quality of your output everytime you attempt to do it) and “do more of what you do” (increase the quantity of what you do)

“Qualitative upgradation plus quantitative growth is progress”  and this is the success formula

Try to develop this habit of reminding yourself every now and then: “I am better today  than I think”  Moreover constantly remind yourself that you are not doing as much as you can – so you can do more of everything than what you are already doing.

Capability is the ability to do things better what you are already doing and capacity is about doing more of what you are already doing.

Improve your capability and increase your capacity

That is  - ‘PROGRESS”.

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