Saturday, June 4, 2011


In this article certain tips have been given as to how the skin can be kept clean and neat and free from any seasonal diseases
According to your complexion, make it a habit to wear clothes in suitable colours which will enhance you look more beautiful. Always use thick clothes during winters to protect your skin from the outer atmosphere.
Consumption of iron rich food items will  keep your blood purified and in turn it will  improve the quality of your skin
Apply oil to your hair regularly,  otherwise the hair will be spoiled completely. In case you are not able to comply with the above procedure do so at least weekly once  and your hair should be given proper care by application of oil to the roots of the hairs.
Too much use of any oils or creams are harmful to the skin and using unlimited creams and powders, deodorants, perfumes will definitely lead to skin infections
While you buy any soaps, make it a practice to verify the quantum and nature of ingredients as mentioned by the manufacturers in the packing slips. Use soft soaps which contain less caustic soda and chemicals. Once you are satisfied with a particular brand and in case you are satisfied that the particular soap is suitable to your skin, continue to use the same soap
When you retire to your home after attending any get together or party, do not  forget to wipe  your face, hands and legs with a cotton dipped in cleansing milk and finally with warm water.
In case you are an employee working in an office, apply some portion of the sunscreen especially on your face, neck, forehands and legs to protect the skin from the sun and once you retire to your home wash your face, hands, neck and legs with warm water and then with soft towel
Home made packs are better and use some herbal face packs after consulting your beautician. You can have some facials once in three months
You should shape out your eyebrows by availing the services of a beautician. Always prefer the hairstyle suitable to your face.
People with oily skin must use oil free moisturizers. Due to hormonal imbalances,  pimples and unwanted hair may arise on the face and some parts of the body. Consumption of cucumber, carrots more in number in your food will prevent such type of pimples
Squeezing the pimples should be altogether avoided and you have to consult a physician in this case.
Face care consists of three basic requirements: Cleansing, toning and nourishing. In case you know as to how and when the above requirements are taken care, it means  you know better caring of your skin

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