Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why stress ?

Stress is common to everybody. It is not a disease. It is a mental situation. You cannot be always under stressed situation even if you wish to be under stress. Then why should we feel ourselves to be under stress for some time or all times.

Why stress occurs ?

Stress occurs from the accumulated thoughts about a particular situation, a job, or event.

Postponement: When you postpone completing a job or assignment, you are abandoning only the activity and  not the thought to complete the assignment. For example, let us imagine a situation that you are in a position to remit the telephone bill by visiting a post office or a telephone exchange. You had postponed paying the bill till the last day. Unless you pay the bill, you have to lose the telephone connection. Now apart from the various other choices and preoccupations, you have to carry out payment of the telephone bill. It means it is an additional job for the day for which you have to spare your energy and time which you find it very difficult during the day.  Now stress starts accumulating in you and you start losing control and concentration in all your activities. You fail to eat properly, talk irritatingly to your family members and colleagues.

What is the solution for you in such situations ?

As far as possible, try to avoid postponing all your activities. In case you are in a position to postpone certain activities on account of certain other preoccupations,  try to delegate the job to somebody else so that the work will be completed and you need not think about it later.

In case you find it difficult to delegate the job to somebody else, try to find out alternate solutions for accomplishment of the job.

Procrastination is the root cause of all evils.

Procrastination is also a habit and you can very well change the habit. You can adopt the checklist method of planning your activities for the day.

Take out a sheet of paper and start writing serially the activities you have to do for the day. It can be even a small task or a big task. Write all your activities one by one in the plain sheet of paper. Now start completing the job one by one. For example, your activity No: 1 is to procure milk from the shop. Go to the shop and procure milk for your home. You second activity is purchasing a note book for your daughter. Go to the shop and purchase the note book.

In case you had identified 20 activities and you were able to perform only 18 activities during that day on account of paucity of time etc, carry over the remaining two activities for the next day

Even though you were not able to complete the entire activities during the day, since you had completed at least 18 activities out of twenty selected, you will be in a high level of motivation and your energy level starts boasting day by day.

One day you will find it very difficult to postpone any of your activities because you had started developing the habit of scheduling your day to day activities and doing the same without fail.

Now  stress will not be a problem for you and it means you had mastered over stress

Stress is the end result of postponement. Avoid postponement and forget stress.

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