Saturday, June 4, 2011


In this article certain tips have been given as to how the skin can be kept clean and neat and free from any seasonal diseases

In order to soften the skin it is better to use Coconut oil or a bathing oil of good quality. You can make your own bathing oil by taking one cup of palm oil, almond oil and olive oil all in equal proportion and half cup of wheat germ oil. Pour them in a vessel and mix them well and keep the mixture in a bottle in darkness for twenty four hours. Use some portion of the mixture oil and start massaging the parts of your body before bathing or swimming. Since natural ingredients are used, there will be no side effects

Use a small body brush to breakdown the more fleshy skin tissues out of the body flesh

A bath brush and a punice stone help to soften hard skin often found on the feet, knees and elbows

Use face mask suiting to your skin type at least once a week and massage your body at least once a month

Depending upon the various seasons, the skin of the body will be either smooth, oily or dry. These facts are to be understood properly and proper care has to be taken depending upon the seasons taking much and special care

It has to be remembered not to use too much hot water or too much cold water at the time of bathing. Warm water is suitable to keep the skin in good and healthy condition.

Always wear clean and good clothes and wearing too much tight clothes and wet clothes are to be altogether avoided

As and when you buy any new cream or oil which is applicable for external use over the skin, please conduct a patch test. Take little portion of the cream or oil and apply it in your forehand and try to find out as to whether you find any reactions. Once you are satisfied you have to use the same for application in the more sensitive parts like your face or neck. In case you find any irritation or burning sensation, you should stop immediately and altogether avoid using the particular cream or oil. Some people have skins which can accommodate any type of oils or creams, whereas, in certain cases, it may not sound good.

As and when you see any infection or rash or any kind of discolourisation which could have been caused for unknown reasons, you should immediately consult a skin specialist and do not allow much time for the above allergic ailments spread to other parts of the body.

During winter seasons, use cream made out of milk top or butter and massage your body parts with the cream for five to ten minutes and after half an hour you can have your bathing. Your skin will become smooth

It is preferable during winter seasons to use any body lotion to prevent dryness and irritation of skin due to cold and during summer seasons, a good quality prickly heat powder can be used to prevent small rashes and pimples

It has to be remembered to use loose and light clothes preferably cotton clothes during summer and bathing in the morning and evening will keep your body cool and clean

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