Thursday, April 12, 2012

Relief from back pain

Unlike earlier years, at present, every worker irrespective of the cadres is found to be working in front of the computers for a long time and in view of the facts that he needs to spend more mental energy towards keying in the details accurately, he fails to notice the symptoms slowly developing in his muscles, nerves and bones.
The most common ailment is found to be the backache and when it is not properly attended at the appropriate time, it may lead to several diseases including nervous disorders.
The following are found to be effective home remedies for backache:
Lime juice serves as an excellent home remedy for backache. The juice should be squeezed out of one lemon and by adding common salt and some quantity of water, it should be consumed two to three times a day and it will be a great back pain reliever. Normally people used to drink lime juice either mixed with sugar or salt during summer seasons; however, apart from providing relief from the hot weather, it is found to offer relief for back pain also.
The raw potato should be taken in the form of poultice and should be applied on the pain affected area slowly and gently.
Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and it is considered more valuable for getting rid of backaches and consumption of 2000mg vitamin C available through fruits is found to be a good medicine for back ache.
Applying garlic oil on the back gives immense relief from back pain and about ten garlic pieces should be taken and fried along with oil on a low flame. For this purpose sesame oil, coconut oil or mustard oil can be used till such time the garlic cloves turn to light brown color and the oil mixture should be allowed to cool completely.
It should be gently applied on the back, if possible, with the help of another person and the skin should be kept without drying for three hours. This application is found to offer effective remedies for back ache to a great extent.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Life is a series of decisions and considerations that lead one through a certain unique path. As human we think about the situations we are in and react accordingly. In other words, we live through a cycle of thought and action. Human actions emanate either from the mind or the intellect or from a combination of both. Thoughts can give birth to an endless world filled with wonder and beauty. Actions give expressions to that beauty right here and how. Strong and pulsating thoughts are the starting points of all achievements.

The recently released book “ A better India, a better world” authored by Sri Narayana Murthy, speaks about the management styles prevalent in different parts of the world. He says that there is not much difference in the modus operandi of organizations world over. But the deciding/differentiating factor lies in the success percentage of the conversion of a legitimate and innovative thought into action. Why no ideas and thoughts matter. If Einstein kept the theory of relativity just in his mind, imagine the plight of science today. If Alexander Graham Bell never bothered to put words to his thoughts, what could have been the plight of humanity ?  To conceive an idea is not enough, we need to breathe life into it.

Is it just enough to convert our thoughts into action ? No. It is imperative to combine the power of thought with our reliance and belief in action. When we leverage thought to create a vibration aligned with the results we desire and we take action that enhances that vibration, our creative power shines. That is when it looks to outsiders as if we were favoured by the gods, living a charmed life where everything goes our way. By holding proper thoughts and having aligned emotions helps in propitiating good deeds and thus makes our lives more meaningful.

When we are on the road, driving a car/riding a bike, how many times have we averted an accident ? When we see an oncoming vehicle coming straight at us, do we not steer the vehicle to avoid a head on collision ? What would have happened if all these things just remained as thought in our mind and we forgot/fail to act on it ? Anybody in sane mind would act in conjunction with the circumstances. Likewise, not responding to the challenges/changing milieu can prove to be fatal at times. We need to act and at time pro-act. The entire process right from the conception of an idea to its fruition/implementation is equally essential. An idea is just a thought and it remains impecunious unless acted upon. To succeed we need to give wings to our dreams and make it into a reality.

Many of us approach our dreams backwards.  We think we have to “figure out” what to do in order to get what we want.We think action is required and that is what we focus on. But if we never check in on how that action feels, we spin our wheels frustrating ourselves to the point where we often give up – or at least go at it the hard way. Things go much smoother and manifest more quickly when we first get our vibration lined up (by thinking right thoughts and feeling good) and then taking inspired action.

Combining the power of right thought and inspired action allows us to have wonderful manifestations in our lives.