Saturday, June 4, 2011


Peter was working in a church. His work was to clean the church premises and the gardens in and around the church. He was forty years’ old. He had not attempted any school since he was from a poor family and he evinced interest in earning his livelihood by working hard. He was having a family and two children. He did not know any other work than cleaning the premises and nobody can blame on his work because of its quality. He had not taken any steps to know any other assignments in his life.
The bishop in charge of the church was transferred and a new bishop joined the church. He wanted to have the workmen in the church to have a formal education. While he enquired he came to know that Peter had no formal education. He called Peter and told him to learn in a school and come back to the church. After two months Peter could not continue his job in the church since he could not learn anything and he had to leave the church after twentyfive years’ of his service. He came out of the church and started visibly looking into the streets. “How can I earn a living and protect the interests of my family ?” – he thought and sat in a bench in front of the church.
By the time he saw many people searching for cigarettes and eatables since the shop nearby the church was found to be closed. He thought of an idea to sell cigarettes and some eatables to the visitors of the church. Next day he borrowed some funds from a friend and started selling various items in front of the church. He started getting a good business and within a year he started earning ten times more than what he earned while he was working in the church. He purchased a building and opened a new shop in front of the church and he also opened four shops in other parts of the town. Within ten years, be became one among the rich men in the town.
On hearing Peter’s success, a banker approached him and wanted Peter to have him an account with his bank. The manager of the bank filled necessary documents on his behalf and told Peter to sign the documents in relevant places.
Peter pleaded that he could neither read nor sign any documents since he was illiterate.
The manager told – “Had you gained any degree in a college, probably you could have become the Number: 01 business man in the town”
Peter calmly replied – “Had I been a literate, I hope that still I will be cleaning the church only.”
UNQUOTE: Success not necessarily require any education  – it requires necessarily a strong will power and a determination to work despite hurdles

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