Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to tune up the aspiring entrepreneurs ?

During the course of my holding the post of Directorship  in a Rural Self Employment Training Institute in a town in India, among all other things  my role was to recruit the trainees and impart them the training on various modules designed to impart skills on trades like tailoring, embroidery, household articles manufacturing, beauty parlour management, photography,  digital videography, cell and mobile phones servicing, computer soft skills etc.
I had trained around 760 trainees within a period of one year through 23 batches of different training programmes. In each batch, trainees ranging from 20 to 60 were trained.
Nearly 400 trainees have successfully become entrepreneurs and they had started earning amount ranging from Indian Rupees 2000/- per month to Rs. 15000/- per month.
The important points to be noted here are:
The trainees were not having sufficient knowledge about the required skills and they were having basic level educational qualifications only. Their financial positions were  in such a condition, that they were not able to upgrade their skills, if any, by paying the fees to undergo the training on account of the facts that their family members were having either less income or unable to make up the cost of training.
In the case of housewives, they were finding it very difficult to run the families  with the meager income earned by their  spouses and unless and otherwise they started earning extra  income, they found that they would find it very difficult to run their families  and either they had to borrow money from outside or reduce their spending including reduction in food consumption
In the case of educated unemployed youth, they started imagining that their future would become dismal and they were not fit for the society
I used to study each and every trainee and  came to the conclusion that unless and otherwise their confidence level was increased, they could not carry on any business irrespective of the size
In a batch consisting of twenty trainees and for a programme extending for a period of ten days, I used to identify the twenty trainees and allocate them the following roles each day at the initial session of the programme:
01 Five trainees should talk for five minutes each about their achievements
02 Five trainees should talk for five minutes each about the topic chosen by me and already handed over to them
03 Five trainees should talk for five minutes each about the subjects  covered in the training programme the previous day
04 Five trainees should sing a song or do communicate on matters  of their choice
I noticed:
On the first day, many  found it very difficult to talk even for 30 seconds; some talked subjects not relevant and  some left just after pronouncing their names
On the last day
Eeach trainee could talk on any subject at least for a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes comfortably without any fear or apprehension. They were having sufficient  audience control. Their confidence level was high. They appeared as if  they could face whatever may be the challenges in their lives  boldly and fearlessly
Above all they liked that they were  being recognized by everybody in the training hall
The above  are some samples of the methodology of the coaching I had tried, imparted and found very much successful in bringing up the young aspirants. Today I am happy that I could inspire and create entrepreneurs who are earning for their survival at the minimum level and help their family members to the maximum level

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