Sunday, August 22, 2010



“Survive to serve” was the clarion call. Prejudice comes only from the side which you do not know. It is fear of making a mistake that makes prejudice. Get rid of this fear if you wish to serve. Asserted the speaker

One of the common drawbacks in us is our reluctance to accept our ignorance. We don’t agree that we don’t know.

What causes sorrows ? Dr Rudran clarifies “that which is loved, will not cause you anxiety. Anxiety arises because of not loving. If any conflict arises, it tends to create stress, and when your views are not accepted it leads to sorrow and irritation.

What then is the way out ? Quoting the saying of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, the speaker clarified that life is like tongue amidst 32 teeth. It requires enormous skill, endurance and tactics to live amongst evil forces. We cannot get rid of them, instead we must learn to live with them tactfully. The concept is based on Ramayana, where Vibheeshana is seen to be leading a noble the amidst many asuras. Compromise is not absolute. In fact, it is misnomer. Compromise should be renamed as accepting the presence.


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