Sunday, August 8, 2010



A milk vendor used to sell milk on his motor cycle in a town. He was carrying four milk cans, two on each side of his vehicle . One day, while he was calling on a house, two students approached his motor cycle and pushed frogs one each in two cans. The happy frogs started finding themselves in a tight position.

The frog in one of the cans studied the situation. It made a SWOT analysis. His strength was – to swim effectively in any liquid. He recollects from his “WISDOM BANK” that most difficult times come only for a short time and will not last long. He starts swimming and swimming and finds himself sitting on a butter lump formed due to the churning action of his swimming. He is now safe for a while. When the milk vendor opens the cans for his next call, the frog leaps to his freedom .

The frog in other can does not turn on his attitudinal bulb. He blames the student for his misery and started cursing him. He blames God for making him so small that he can neither lift the lid of the can nor he can drill a hole in the can. With all these negative thoughts, he eventually drowns in the milk and dies.

What is the moral of the story ? It is about ATTITUDE. While the first frog was a ‘ I CAN’ person with a positive mental attitude, the other one was a “I CAN’T” person. You can be a “CAN” or ‘CAN’T’ person. The choice is with you alone.

Noone except yourself can make you a ‘CAN’ or ‘CAN’T’ person.

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