Sunday, August 22, 2010



Many people think that a leader is the man or woman with the title – C E O or President. Actually, leadership is not about position, it is about action.

We all need to start demonstrating leadership regardless of our titles. It is no longer an excuse to say you don’t have rank so you don’t need to take ownership for the results of the organization

To succeed, everyone now must see themselves as part of the leadership team. You just don’t need formal authority to lead anymore, only a desire to be involved and the commitment to make a positive difference. Mother Terasa said: “ If everyone would sweep their own door step, the whole world will be clean”. To show leadership, we need to start by being excellent in our current rate.

Even if one of the players in a symphony was out of tune, the music would be off and the whole thing would be a mess. In a theater they say “No role is a small role”. Same applies in business. We need to lead where we are planted and shine where we now find ourselves.

Everyone needs to show leadership. Everyone needs to drive innovation. Everyone needs to inspire their teammates. Everyone needs to take responsibility for results. Everyone needs to embrace change. Everyone needs to be positive. Everyone needs to become devoted to expressing their absolute best. Once we do, the organization will not only adapt beautifully to the changing conditions, it will lead within its field.

Each one of us needs to assume personal responsibility by becoming CEO of our own roles and leaders within our current positions.

You don’t have to have a title to be a leader. Because every single one of us alive in the world today has unrecognized powers and disowned potential that are far superior to the power conferred by a title. Once you awaken and then apply those powers, every element of your life will explode into success,. Leadership then becomes automatic the default at which you work and play. You will know of no other way.


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