Sunday, August 22, 2010



Your past performances construct your self-image. Only when your self-image is healthy, you find the motivation to further unearth your potential, which manifests as performances. Performances in turn contribute to your self-image. The cycle continues. However, if your self image is dented and tarnished, you lack the motivation to unearth your potential. So you move into inaction, self-pity and start building a feeling of inferiority about yourself. Your performances reflect the sum total of what your future can be

If performance, self image and unearthed potential form a cycle, we know that a cycle can begin from anywhere. We can define our own starting point. Performances are of the past and potential is of the future. The present is “self-image” and we can do something about it. So let us take “self-image” as the starting point of our life cycle and build a healthy, positive self-image about ourselves and create the life that we deserve. How to go about it ? Here are a few ways.

Develop the attitude to count your blessings and stop counting your troubles. Your birth as a healthy human being, not languishing in poverty, being a literate, having people to cry with and cry for, living in a peaceful land, etc are all blessings. Harold Abbot put it this way: “I had the blues because I had no shoes, until upon the street I met a man who had no feet”

Dress up neatly and walk confidently. Till you have a personality, wear your personality and you will succeed in painting a better picture of yourself. Never go to sleep, however lat it may be, until you read something thought – provoking. Shun the company of negative people. Or, at least refuse to assign any value to their comments. Right company builds the muscles of your self-image.

Develop a taste for success. Feed yourself with small challenges and repeatedly taste success. Every string of success will strengthen the rope called self-image. The more and more your outlook towards the rest of the world becomes positive, the more and more you will be able to look at yourself positively.

A man who has never failed has never tried. Failure is an event and it is not you. A defeat should not defeat the personality. Failures are mere lessons learnt. Please do not allow it to scratch your self image

In your world and your life, you are the best thing to have happened. Live up to the glory of being the one and only of your kind.


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