Sunday, August 22, 2010



What differentiates the likes of Eistein and Leonardo Da Vince from others ? They are one of the most creative men the world has ever seen. Were they born creative ? The answer is a big “No”. Einstein suffered from Dyslexia, a learning disorder which was propagandised through the popular Hindi movie – Taare Zameen Par. He was a failure in school and often tagged by his tutors as a boy with a very low “:IQ”. But Einstein fought his disabilities with his inquisitiveness and consistently trained his mind to think creatively. These inquisitions laid the foundation for his “Theory of Relativity” which has found a p;lace in almost all genres of science.

Leonardo Da Vince is often referred to as a master of all trades. He was a sculptor, a painter, an inventor, a musician, a mathematician and a very strong man physically. His ability to break free from the shackles of the constrained thinking has stupefied many great minds. Though he suffered many failures during his early formative years, he went on to become one of the greatest minds that the world has ever seen. During his time he developed a prototype of the modern day helicopter and space ship. How could he foresee this at that time when the greatest inventors of the 21st century could come out with a vague blue print a few decades back ? That is creativity at its best for you.

How to think creatively ? It is no rocket science. To spur the creative spark in us, we first need to understand that there is no singly solution to a problem/issue. There are many. The onus is on us to choose the best out of the lot. If we ask a small kid in how many ways he can put his shirt on, then probably he will show the way its been done by Spiderman, Batman and the whole gamut of cartoon characters with exemplified histrionics. Their mind is constantly on the look out of new things and for them the world is a big jig saw puzzle which needs to be assembled and re-assembled every other day. But as we grow up, we lose our ability to think creatively. We are spoon fed with solutions to each problem that we often forget to use our brain effectively when it is required. The end result is a cluttered confused mind devoid of inspiration. We often fall into the realm of patternised thinking and end up pre-programming each and every activity of our day to day lives. To be creative, we need to come out of this mental stupor. We need to change the pattern. Anything that helps us to deviate from the mundane rhythm can spur creativity.

Battles are often won through wit and strategy and seldom through might and power.

The time has come to unleash the Einsteins and the Da Vincis in us and gear up to face the challenges in a creative and innovative way.


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