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Happiness is the big ingredient everyone wants in his life. Happiness is, in many ways, a personal matter. These are three things to remember about happiness:
1) Happiness is important
2) Happiness is desirable
3) Happiness is possible

No matter what your past circumstances have been, no matter what your present conditions are, happiness is possible for you. You can learn to develop it and this happiness will give you a healthier and richer life
- Happiness is not achieved by devious or false methods. The first step building a state of happiness in your life is to raise the level of your own self-respect. Happiness is only within your reach if you first admit that is a defnite possibility. Once you have reached that awareness, you can reorient your thinking and life-style towards happiness.
- Happiness is knowing your true identity, for you will not be happy if you fail to see yourself in a true perspective
- There are four requirements in a program for happiness

01. Take an interest in the world around you: You are living in the wider world that includes all of humanity and your interest in the world should naturally extend to a desire to help and share in the work of the world
02. Have a willingness to work intensively: Work means an involvement with other people and extending the limits of your personal interests for doing something special with the job. The extra efforts and added interest can bring you dividends of happiness
03. Have an appreciation of leisure: Leisure means freedom from the demands and responsibilities of work or duty and it does not mean the absolute cessation of all other efforts
04. Have an understanding of solititute: You should look forward to your periods of solititude. Being alone gives you a chance to sit down with yourself and assess your situation honestly

There are seven principal characteristics of happy people:
- Happy people are thinking people
- Happy people are considerate people
- Happy people have better health
- Happy people show their age less
- Happy people like themselves
- Happy people are liked by others
- Happy people are successful in what they do

The following are some practical tips which help you in your quest for happiness:
- Add up your blessings and catalog them
- List your past accomplishments and achievements
- List your anticipations that you feel are attainable
- Learn how to sharpen and develop your powers of observation
- Learn how to take time to enjoy your life
- Learn how to replace fear in your life with happiness

“Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul” – DEMOCRITUS

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