Sunday, August 22, 2010



A story goes like this…..

A frog was languidly sitting on the banks of a river. A scorpion soon came by and requested the frog to ferry him across the river. The frog then enquired how he is supposed to carry the scorpion ? The scorpion told that he will jump on to his back and then the frog can swim across the river. The frog thought for a moment and was not too happy with the idea. He asked the scorpion: “What if you sting me during the process ?”
The scorpion laughed and told that he is not made to do that because if he stings he knows that both will perish in the river. Quite convinced with scorpion’s words, the frog decided to ferry him across the river.

As they reached the middle of the river, the frog had a sharp pain and realized to the utter consternation that the scorpion has stung him. Puzzled and bemused by this behaviour, the frog asked the scorpion : “Why did you do it when you promised that you won’t ? The scorpion then painfully replied…I am sorry. I have no control over my character. It is my habit to strike whatever I see and to me you were just a target. I could not resist myself from stinging you..”

The frog then retorted..See now what you have done. Because of your inability to control your instincts, you have put my life also at peril. We are both going to perish now..saying this both the frog and the scorpion drowned in the river.

What do we learn from this story ? It is very difficult to change your attitude and character. It is your thought which becomes your deed and your deeds becomes your habit and your habits shapes your character. So always remember to gravitate towards your possible thoughts and feelings for it will greatly help in shaping your character.

Do you know why it is so difficult to change your habit ?
If you remover H..” abit” remains

If you remove A..”bit” remains

If you remover B..even then “it” remains

So we need to be very careful in cultivating a habit because it soon becomes a part of you and your character


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