Sunday, August 22, 2010



There was a student, who reached school one day very late. By that time, the first period was over. On entering the classroom, he found a mathematical problem written on the blackboard. He quietly copied the problem in his notebook. He thought the problem was his homework. He sat up the whole night as he found it difficult to solve – he was not that good at mathematics. However, he worked and worked, till he hit upon the solution. He was very excited, and went to school the next day.

The mathemtics teacher arrived in the class and enquired about her homework problem. None of the students who attended the previous day’s class, did the homework. This boy was taken by surprise, since there were brilliant students in the class who could have easily solved thaqt problem. He alone got up, and showed his homework to the teacher. The teacher verified and patted him for doing it right.

Why, then, did others not attempt the problem ? The teacher revealed that, while giving the homework, she deliberately said that it was a very difficult problem, and noone would be able to solve it. Every student present in the class, believed that it was beyond his capacity to solve the problem, and hence did not even attempt to solve ?

As this boy was absent when it was given to the class, he did not have any mental block, hence he attempted and solved it. The teacher thus demonstrated to the students how mental blocks prevent us from attempting anything.

So, destroy your mental blocks, you can achieve anything. Remember: “Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible”.


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