Thursday, October 16, 2008


"What are the number of days in a week ?" – Let us analyse this question which is meant for one LKG student. There are seven days a week – From Monday to Sunday- Of which two days are most important Every person who wants to succeed in life, should never forget those two days. The day number one is – YESTERDAY. Yesterday was already utilized. Even if you are prepared to pay thousand crores of rupees you may not be able to get back – Yesterday. You have the privileges to mentally analyse the happenings of the past, however, you cannot have it to live in again. Bitter thoughts at home, the cutting and hurting remarks of the boss at office, criticisms from friends and enemies will pour at your heart thereby slowing down your further progress, whereas the sweet thoughts of your success, recognition and achievements fill up your heart energizing you to progress further. The day number two is – TOMORROW While nobody can guess – when it will rain or when the storm will hit – precisely, how can you decide the happening of TOMORROW which is not at all born ? You can have many ambitions however, they should be achieved – in otherwords you should have your ambitions performed Never mind – Those YESTERDAY which was already a dead one and TOMORROW which is yet to born. Just think of the present moment at your disposal. Convert each minute of your life into hard labour or fun with your family or fruitful discussions with your friends. Now, you are one among the happiest and rich persons in the world. Today well lived is the road for your tomorrow's journey

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