Saturday, October 18, 2008


Relaxation is good technique by which the mind and body gets rejuvenated.
Each day, at least have your body muscles relaxed for ten to fifteen minutes.
Either relax in a chair; if possible lie down in a bed or floor. Have your two hands kept in a relaxed position. Have your legs in a relaxed position. No tension anywhere in your body. Now try to keep your mind at your will and say to your mind - relax, relax, relax. Now start telling each part of your body - relax, relax, relax.

After five to eight minutes, you can freely feel - all your body muscles are getting relaxed. You will be away from tension or worries. You can see or visualise quite a number of thoughts running here and there. Now you are watching all your thoughts without participating with them. After fifteen minutes, slowly get up and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose. Now you are fresh as a flower. You are energetic. You are fresh with new energy and you can proceed doing good number of activities during the remaining hours at your disposal.

This is called - conscious meditation through body muscles.
Do you know - each one of us are doing meditation daily without our knoweldge. That is our sleep. During sleep the entire process is taken automatically by bringing all body and mind muscles together. Once we get a good sleep, we are at deep meditation and we feel much better.

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