Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the basis of two comparative statistics, the following valuable information is made available.The average human reads less than two books a year. On the whole at present the people had lost the habit of reading. They are fond of reading newspapers, going to cinema halls, viewing TV, however, reading a book seems to be a tough subject for them.

On the contrary, notable personalities like great businessmen, poets, politicians read at least four books per week.

Whenever they find leisure time - during a flight in aircraft, idle sitting in hospitals etc., they used to read books of their choice.

We have to work for our survival. We should live with our family members, friends and relatives. However, there is an inherant need to satisfy our inner mind.

What are the benefits of reading ?

- You are calm during reading

- Your mind is at peaceful stage during the course of reading

- One part of your mind is active in reading, whereas the other parts of your mind finds leisure

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