Thursday, October 16, 2008


The king felt that he was not happy many times. He was not peaceful many times. He could not be happy throughout the day. Even though he was at a party or at a musical concert or with hundreds of people around him praising him to a large extent, he felt that he was not at total happiness. He could feel some sadness or grief clutching his heart from somewhere. He discussed this matter with his counsellors. They decided to meet a saint at a nearby hill and thought of getting a solution for this problem. The saint heard their view points and told the kind two words - just two words: "Move on" The kind and the counsellors could not understand the meaning of the words - "move on" What does it mean - move on ? - Moving from one place to another place - Moving from one room to another room - Moving from the palace to the mountains - Moving from one friend to another friend - Shifting the capital to another place - Shifting the spouse for another one - Shifting the children to another place or moving them to another person - Shifting the responsibilities Even after disucssion several times, they could not get the right point. Again they met the saint and asked for the solution The saint said: "Move on - means moving or shifting your mindset. When the mind is constantly doing the same thing, it loses its strength. It needs a change because change is inevitable. So, for a person he should move from one mindset to another mindset. How is this possible ? This is possible by forgetting the past and being in the present. It is also possible by forgetting the future and being in the present. In otherwords, to be at a present situation, one has to constantly active, doing something, or listening something. As a king, instead of plunging yourself into various celebrations, you should get yourselves involved in uplifting the welfare of your people by meeting them, creating various employment opportunities and you should always think about various measures in improving their living. In otherwords, do your duty to the best. It will make you - "Move On". Once you are on the move, you can be happy and at the same time you will be at peace."

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