Thursday, October 16, 2008


There are always two ways – by which we can improve our life. One by improving ourselves by putting our best efforts in our mission in life. The other one is to think bad of others Those who want to follow the earlier path are of hard working nature and are liked by others around them. Their thoughts are like these- - How best I can perform my job ? - What best I can do for my family? - How best I can help my friends, relatives and others ? Their life is full of success . Those who follow later path in life – spend most of their time in finding fault with others and spend much of their time in exploiting other's labour and wealth. They live in an imaginary world where appreciations and floral tributes are poured on them The earlier path is presumed to be a longer one and in fact it is the shortest route for success in all walks of life. As Napoleon Hill said: "Do the thing you like best. Your life will be embellished and you will be an inspiration for hope faith and encouragement with all the persons with whom you are in contact" As a wise man said" = No route is required to remove the darkness – It is sufficient you proceed towards prosperity

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