Thursday, October 16, 2008


Had you ever thought the purpose for which you have been living in this world ?More than 70% of the people live their lives without knowing the actual purpose for which they are born in this world. Is it for enjoyment ? Is it to live a life with full forms of enjoyment - with money, with as much pleasures of life as possible before the life term ends.Defintely not as such.About 20% of the people experience within themselves the slightest hint as to why they live in this world and what are their responsibilities and duties as a living human being. They have a purpose, principle and dedication to certain goals in their lives. They feel happy to live their lives; they feel happy to earn money, they feel happy to enjoy the pleasures of life as and when they come; they dont run behind blind desires to have as much pleasures as they can.The rest 10% - really understands the life to a desirable level. They understand that life is for living. To enjoy, to be happy and to be in peace. Above all they also understand that people around themselves should also enjoy, be happy and to live in peace. Their lives are in the form of sharing. Whatever they earn - they share. Wherever they are happy they share the happiness with others - their friends, colleagues or unknown people. They always make their presence everywhere - Because they are hamless

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