Thursday, October 16, 2008


The teacher started calling her students belonging to Standard VIII - almost girls of twelve to thirteen year's old. The teacher started telling them the story. The story was that of the race between the hare and the tortoise. The students shrugged their shoulders - because they wondered whyt their teacher was telling the story meant for kids of three year's old . Once the story was completed the teacher now asked: "My dear girls - you know the tortoise was the winner and the hare was a loser. Tell me why?" First student: "The hare underestimated the talents of tortoise" Second student: "It was unfortunate that an ace winner like hare decided to compete with the dead slow tortoise" Third:"It shows the inner quality of tortoise. You can be slow - however steady. The consistent player in any field can win any race" Fourth: "Nobody should be prey to laziness. Laziness kills people" Fifth: "Hare had the potential to win - however very low determination. Poor in estimating the opponent's strength" Likewise the students started telling their opinions in regard to the qualities of hare and tortoise The teacher summed up: Never underestimate others; don't be a prey to lazines: be steadfast in your goal whatever may be the hurdles; above all have faith in yourself - the tortoise had the qualities and she won the race. Understimate others knowing fully well the inner strengths of the opponents; Forgetting goals often; lack of determination; Lack of will to reach the goal and finish the job - the hare had the above qualities and he lost the game. Be a tortoise - steadfast person aiming the goal and win your games

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