Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is the story of a swan.

Swan, as we all know, is a small bird - which can swim in water and cannot fly as high as an eagle.She likes to swim, likes to see nature as her friend, eats small insects and merrily enjoys with her friends.

One day, she saw quite a number of eagles flying high in the air. She thought - the eagles can fly high in the sky, they can go to various places, they can eat good number of food and of course they live a high status of life than hers.

She thought of joining the eagles group and one day she joined an eagles school.
When she arrived the school, she was given a warm welcome by a good number of eagles. The eagles were very ugly. They dont have the habit of taking bath. They smelt very bad. As a morning breakfast they offered the swan - four month old flesh of a dead rat. Swan never expected this kind of food from her new friends. She pleaded - "I am not hungry at present"

The eagles took the swan to their class room. The room was in a bad shape. Swan could see various kinds of bones of dead animals here and there. She could smell foul smell on account of rotten flesh shrewed here and there. She could see blood strains everywhere. She was told to sit on the flesh of dead dog.

Swan disliked the entire situation. She wanted to immediately run away from the scene. Somehow, she left the place and she joined in her own school immediately.

A swan is always swan. She is born to be a swan. She can reach heights as a swan nor as an eagle.

Some organisations lay greater emphasis on the strength of their employees. They understand that the knowledge, will power and capability and potential of their employees play a major role in bringing success to their organisations. They recognise the individual talents of their employees and utilise their energies and services to the fullest for their organisations.

Know yourself. Know your strength and weaknesses. Try activities suiting to your potential and you are sure to get success in your life.

In case you like dancing, try to become a dancer. In case you love music, try to be singer or a musician. In case you want to be a teacher, improve your communications skills.

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