Wednesday, October 15, 2008



 What are the ingredients for a peaceful financial living ?
At least we should have one percent of our monthly income on the last day of the month
At least we should save twenty percent of our income each month
Our first expenditure during any month should be our SAVINGS only
Have a habit to maintain a register wherein you should record all your day today expenses. This will enable you to know – where you spend unnecessarily
We should have details for each expenditure. This habit will make you more disciplined on financial matters
Once you decide to go in for shopping, make a complete list of things you had decided to buy on that day.
Try to buy articles on your own. This will enable you to know the economic scenario and people around you better
Have a financial plan for each month and try to confine your expenditure within the allotted budget
Have no loan account with any shoppers
Purchasing in instalments is always not profitable
Always visit a cinema hall on the tenth day or afterwards. You can avoid rush and enjoy the show in a peaceful manner

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