Saturday, June 25, 2016

I need buttons for my shirts

There are people who want to help others. Their minds will be always in the lookout for old aged and deprived people and once they notice such people, they used to provide them either cash or food. Many times, the beneficiaries are hesitant to accept food or any other items and they always prefer cash. However, in certain situations, offering cash brings a great hardship to old people who are otherwise unable to fight the miscreants or thieves.

Recently I went to a hotel along with my friends. We started discussing many issues and matters related to our business, had a dinner and left the hotel by evening. By the time we were leaving the hotel, an old lady approached us and demanded some money. We could not exactly predict as to whether she was a beggar or an old lady in need of food for her stomach. I wanted to give her some money and by the time I was searching my pockets for some coins; my friend took the old lady inside the hotel.
He called the waiter and placed an order for the required number of food items for the lady. He was patiently sitting near the lady and by the time she completed eating her food, he paid the bill and came out and joined us.

I was wondering as to why he procured the food for the lady instead of providing her some money so that she would have purchased food items of her choice. He started telling me the concept behind his action. “Whenever, we pay cash to the old people, the miscreants who are watching the activities confiscate the cash by threatening them. The old people are found to be helpless. Once we feed them, the question of losing the cash will never arise”.

This information is an eye opener for many of us who have the desire to help old people in broad sunlight by means of cash.

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