Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Where you want to carry your lap top bag ?

Every business person needs to possess five things when they leave their homes for business purposes: A purse with sufficient money; a credit card; a mobile phone; a neat dress suitable for the profession and a laptop bag.
A professor, trainer, advocate, chartered accountant, doctor, travel agent and many others need lap tops taking into consideration the present day requirements since majority transactions are  executed electronically.
However, while there is no necessity for a lap top bag while the lap top is kept at home or office, a lap top bag with required features is a must while we carry our lap top.
The quality quotient:
The quality of the bag is more important and it should have been made out of a fine quality leather and should be capable of withstanding the weight of the lap top and a bag suitable for one lap top cannot be considered suitable for another. The bag should protect the content during heavy rains; hot sun; inclement weather conditions and it should be capable of withstanding the strains while on tour; travel through car; bus, trains, flight and by some other transportation modes.
Security Convenience:
Additional provisions like small packets, holders within the lap top bag will prompt the user to keep equipments made out of metals like keys, knives, locks etc., which would definitely harm the lap top and the bag. The additional equipments as mentioned  above can hamper the smooth checking procedures during “security checks” at various points like airports, bus stations and various entry points.
The lap top bag should lie flat on the X-ray belt during security check.
The designs:

Different models of lap top bags are available in the market like butterfly, trifold, sleeve, accordion or back pack etc., Depending upon the usage, an appropriate model has to be selected by the user without giving scope for further revision.

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