Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What are the advantages of self employment and why I do prefer self employment?

‘If any would not work, neither should he eat’’:
Ø  Bible II Thessalonians

With all advancement in the field of Science and Technology, human life has been made too easy and comfortable. With ever expanding opportunities and shrinking global size, the entire world seems to be within ones reach. Rise in education levels and willingness of people to work more has led to increase in salaries and other bonuses. So in a way to speak, people today are highly focused on two most important aspects of life – MONEY and HAPPINESS. 

With Money come Fame and more work where as happiness takes a beating. It is not abnormal these days to see young people giving up high-salary jobs for happiness or people looking to make the job interesting one. Due to this lack of happiness in being employed to someone else or working on someone’s orders and having someone else other than god writing your destiny , the sole meaning of EMPLOYMENT is lost. What starts as an opportunity to lead a good prosperous life becomes rocky and depression creeps in.

So in a way SELF EMPLOYMENT is one of the best alternatives for all the young, bright and prodigal youth to start a new generation of beaurocrats, technocrats, industrialists, social leaders, writers, and thinkers , more importantly a better citizen of the country.

Employment involves a contract between two parties with mutual consent but Self Employment enables a person to carry out a work on his own strengths and independent of others.

 “It takes someone to dream and the rest start to follow”
Ø  anonymus

However on a deep analysis one can clearly understand that Self Employment is not only economically beneficial but can also be a highly profitable venture involving fame and social respect. Today many youth in mid-30’s are giving up high-salary jobs to start new ventures. Self Employment is not restricted to any particular sector of the economy but only depends on ones ability and willingness. It involves risk taking ability on the part of the person and also includes his personality traits like communication, effective decision making and efficient use of resources. in the long run a good self employment avenue can be of national importance too. Certain advantages of being self employed are:

·         Self employment gives the person, also known as The Entrepreneur a sense of belief and freedom of taking his decisions in the venture, an increased level of concentration of work and sense of belongingness that one may not find in any other job.

·         It reduces the Economic burden from the earning members of the family. Self employment enables a person to earn a few more for better family living or in some cases just to utilize his time and resources properly. Sometimes a self employing event may compel one to leave existing job.

·         The best thing about a self employment is that it solely depends on a person’s willingness and his abilities to handle the available resources. In many cases it has almost nothing to do with ones economic status or education levels. In a country of Farmers like India, many illiterate farmers and farm women are self employed in activities that are more remunerative than crop cultivation alone.
·         Self employment is best way to combat modern day unemployment where seats are little but contenders are too many. Despite highly specific selection process, it’s common to see thousands lining up for a particular job even though the scope is to accommodate only a few. So starting a venture or doing something by oneself is highly beneficial. As human mind is, when is involved in an activity, its not distracted but as we know an ‘‘idle mind is devil’s workshop’’.

·         Being self employed brings a certain responsibility on ones shoulder as one is personally attached to the venture. Thus all efforts are directed to make it a success.. So we have seen that private enterprises have made giant strides in the market in employee benefits where as many Public sector or Govt. controlled units have been shut down owing to poor working culture.

For any student today, the simplest of desire remains to get a good job after completing the academic study. But the real competition in life starts when one goes to write the exam or attend an interview, With applications of thousand candidates for a single post, it turns out to be a rat race where sometimes the more deserved ones too miss out. Then there are problems like Seasonal or disguised employment, unpaid wages and host of other issues to deal with. In a way Self employment is the only way to filter out the leaders from the general public. A nation like India needs leaders in all aspects of life, in politics, beurocracy, industries, or even in general living. For people today who are madly running for money, self employment can be a source of rediscovering oneself, and as always it gives much more pleasure to succeed while walking on the road not taken, generally.

‘‘We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.’’

Courtesy: Sanjeet Suman

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