Monday, June 13, 2016

How do you determine a commercial steam cleaner?

The quality of any steam cleaner is determined as to how much pressure and temperature it can withstand. When the steam cleaner is used for applications in hotels, hospitals, departmental stores and restaurants the steam cleaner which can reach high pressure is always used. Since the dirt and strains can be removed at high temperature, steam is required to be passed continuously at high temperature to the spots where accumulation of dirt and strains are found and once the temperature is down, more time is taken to pass required steam and continuous refilling facilities are provided in order to obviate the above difficulties. Towards this direction, a boiler is filled through a non pressurized refill chamber while the machine is kept in idle condition and in case of need, water from the tank is poured in to the main tank where it can be mixed with the already available super heated water. This provision enables steady maintenance of water helping generate continuous steam.  

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