Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What do you mean by sleep disorder breathing?

Why do we require sleep?
Sleep is the most important activity for each human being and in fact sleep is essential for animals, birds and even plants. A person who has been actively working during the day necessarily needs sleep for at least eight hours a day. In the absence of sleep, the nerves start weakening, muscles get tightened and the senses fail to function properly. A person who has the habit of sleeping for less than six hours may not be able to generate more productivity in his work.
How to sleep?:
There are no specific guidelines as to how a person can sleep. It depends upon the convenience and habits. Some like to sleep in beds while many are satisfied in sleeping on floors. Workers prefer sleeping on floors where they can comfortably relax their entire body muscles.
Every person cannot have a sound sleep always. A person who has spent his day time in various kinds of activities gets sound sleep immediately, whereas a person who is not undergoing any physical or strenuous activities during the day often experiences a restless sleep.
Kinds of sleep disorders:
Whatever may be the nature of bed, some persons are uncomfortable during their sleep. The restlessness is on account of problems like suffering from pain in their body parts. Persons of such nature prefer sleeping pills which in due course become indispensable for them. While many have lack of sleep on account of above problems, some suffer due to breath disorders.
Why sleep disorder breathing?
Breathing is a process by which the person inhales the required oxygen through his left nostril and exhales the spent oxygen through his right nostril. This can happen in alternative ways also. The system takes care of the breathing functions and no external efforts are required for the people and in fact this is one visible function which happens automatically without the intervention of the person concerned unlike eating, drinking and urinating.
Sleep disorder breathing occurs on account of several reasons. It can be described as a group of disorders characterized by abnormal functioning of the respiratory systems in the body apart from the quantity of ventilation during sleep.
On the one hand people suffer from respiratory abnormalities on account of improper nasal cavity formations and for many persons nasal blocks are present since birth. It is also possible on account of damage to the nasal passages on account of accidents, heavy cold or high fever etc. The nasal blocks on account of cold or fever can be set right immediately; however, for other cases, a suitable medical diagnosis is essential for the person.
As far as the external environment is concerned sleep disorder breathing happens because of non availability of oxygen inside the room. This happens while the person prefers sleeping in a closed room which has no ventilator arrangements.

Sleep disorder breathing under any circumstances should be set right so that the person is able to breathe comfortably and sufficient quantity of oxygen intake is essential for maintaining good health. 

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