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What are the ways by which a college student can earn money through part time jobs?

I just passed out from the college so i guess i know a bit about it, let me share you my online earning experience
So i started online earning from
1. Paid surveys, it might not be good enough to replace your main income source but they do make an excellent side income work. When you are travelling in a bus or watching TV, you can keep tapping answers on your phone. After a time, you will be able to answer as automatically as your grandma did knitting while talking a mile per minute, and your mom shells peas or cuts vegetables while she cries a bucketful while watching her favorite soap operas.
Most online survey platforms work across devices – such as tab or laptops. Just register on 5-7 survey websites and you can easily make Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per month.
  1. Valued Opinions Sign Up
  2. Saybucks - Paid Online Surveys
  3. Univox Community India
  4. Ipoll
  5. Swagbucks
2. Youtube Videos in weekends
To be able to earn money with YouTube, you need to make original Videos, you cannot earn money through Movie trailers or other copyrighted videos.
Videos may be anything out of the wild. You can make Videos of tips and tricks or Tutorials or to short out a particular type of problem and you can paste code on the stackoverflow or you can create programming learning videos etc.
And yes, with YouTube earning potentials are unlimited. It just depends on your skills to make a video which can go viral on the internet. Consider this, YouTube ChannleDC Toys Collector actually made $4.9 million in 2014 just by making videos of unboxing Disney toys.
To know more about how to Monetize from your YouTube video check my articlebloggerzarena.com8 Easy Steps To Make Money With YouTube Videos
3. iWriter.comif you are not the one with Delayed Gratification and want to see hard cash instantly, head to iWriter : Article Writing Service right now, make sure you have a paypal account before you do that. Now iWriter is as easy as writing content for other people, or to be more precise other people’s blog, because all they want is more and more content on some keywords depending on their business. For starters you will get paid around 3$ for an article, as your progress and increase your ratings it increases to 15%. A friend of mine makes 30-40k per month through the the same. You know what’s another good idea, make a blog and use iWriter : Article Writing Service to generate content for that.
4. Freelancing: There are lots of websites which provides freelancing, the deal is about selecting the best one from it.  If you go over these websites you can find that lots of people depend on these  ones for full time income.Some people shares lots of interesting reasons also to do freelancing, some of them are.
  • Flexible work schedule- Some like to work in the midnight , and freelancing makes this possible.
  • More money- Once you build good reputations you can earn much more money than an average pay from a firm.
  • Interest of work- Can work on areas of their expertise and interest.
  • Relation with the client- Can interact with the client directly and may be a long term work  relationship.
  • You can work as you wish, if you don't want to work just don't work.
5. Start A Blog
This has to come on the first place. I am a blogger and blogging has helped me earn a lot of money.
When I started out with blogging, I wasn't making any money with my blog. Because I simply didn't know how.
Most people think making money with blog is an easy task. But it's not. It takes tons and tons of time and hard work to make your blog earn you money.
I earn a lot of money through my blog. Have a look at the below chart. It shows how much the most popular sites on the internet earn:
My friends generally be like "We will put up a blog on the internet, add 20-30 blog posts to it and money will follow up.". They think like this because they have seen me make a lot of money through my blog.
But they don't know how much time I spend working on my blog. I work day and night to promote my blog.
Gary Vaynerchuck is the owner of Wine Library TV which is really famous YouTube channel about wine. Gary Vaynerchuck earns a lot through his youtube channel by promoting his own Wine.
But it took him a lot of time to make Wine Library TV enough famous to make him money.
When he started Wine Library TV, he used to get around 5-6 views on his videos. But he didn't give up. He worked and now he is really famous among internet marketers.
Watch the below video where he explains it all:
So, if you are ready to work as hard as possible, here are some ways you can earn money with your blog:
Advertisements - If you have been using internet for more than a week, you probably know what advertisements are. They are the eye catching images that you see along with articles on popular websites like The Huffington Post.
Advertisements have a lot of money making potential. They can earn you a lot of money. Most popular news websites survive on the revenue they generate from Advertising
But adverts on your blog can be annoying a lot of time. So, you need to be really careful when choosing the ad network or advertiser you promote. I recommend and use Google Adsense. They serve high quality ads and pay very well.
Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is simply the process of marketing someone else's product on your own blog.
When you promote an affiliate product, you get a percentage of the profit from the sale. This percentage can be anything in between 10% and 99% ( 99% is seen rarely ).
I know a lot of people who earn a handsome amount of money through affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing makes you more money than Advertisements.
Sponsored Posts - Sponsored posts are another great way of earning money through your blog.
If you want to earn money through sponsored posts, you will need a blog that attracts a lot of traffic and drives a lot engagement. Or else no one will approach you for Sponsored Posts.
Earning money through sponsored posts is easy. Just write about someone's product and earn money.
Unlike Affiliate marketing and Advertising this is a one-time money maker. You will only earn money for writing a sponsored post :)
All the above ways can make you a lot of money through your blog but in order to make money through your blog, you will need traffic. The more traffic you get the more you will earn.
"How Can I Drive Traffic To My Blog?", you may ask.
Well, it's really easy to drive traffic to your blog. Just follow the below tips:
Post Links To Your Blog On Small Channels:
Posting links on small channels like Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and Google Plus Communities is a great way of generating traffic.
Each time I publish a new article, I post about it on all small channels I know like Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and Google Plus Communities. And I get around 10,000 visitors every week just by posting just one link on these small channels.
But be aware that shameless link drops will get your posts into spam filters on these social networks and communities.
Here are some more examples of small channels:
  • Niche Communities - These are community sites related to a specific niche/topic. A good example is At Inbound internet marketers and bloggers unite to share their problems, articles, thoughts, etc.
  • Niche Forums - Same as niche community sites, niche forums are the forums that are related to a single topic.
Write Quality Content:
Writing quality content on your blog has a lot of advantages. Here's a chart from a research conducted by serpIQ:
As you can see in the above chart, all the results on the first page of Google have more than 2,000 words in their articles.
This means, an article with a low amount of words can land you on the second page of Google Search results. And trust me, Google Results' second page is the best place to hide a dead body.
Writing quality content will not only get you good search engine rankings but will also get you a lots and lots of shares.
It was found that articles with a lot of content get more shares.

(Courtesy: Ms. Pooja Tiwari - collected from Quora )

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