Thursday, July 14, 2016

Whether working in corporate sector is found to better or in government sector?

Well a few months back I had the same dilemma for Software vs CGL posts.. It's been 3 months since I joined govt sector.. I had worked for 4 yrs in Cogniznat.. Here is my experience..
  • In Govt job the first thing that you will hate is Sir culture.. You need to call everybody Sir even if they are in the same age as of you just because they are higher in rank or seniors.. In corporate you don't have this problem.
  • You always feel inferior to officers coming from UPSC exams.. In fact many of them belittle you and make you feel low.. I have never seen such a situation in corporate world.
  • The work environment is bitterly disappointing (Old desks, stinking washrooms, no hygienic canteens). On the other hand ambiance in corporate is very good.
  • Monotony of work.. You may not get different assignments in your job, and have to do the same routine task everyday. Many people at their twenties will  not appreciate doing such things.. In MNC you would get many interesting assignments that would challenge your skills and give you opportunity to prove your worth. And you will feel satisfied when you face challenges in your work. You will never get such satisfaction in govt sector (with CGL posts)..
  • The growth is very limited with CGL posts. You will get a promotion once in 5-10 yrs, sometimes even more.. Overall you will get around 3-4 promotions in your career. In MNC you will have a fast paced career, the growth being directly proportional to your hard work and performance.
  • If you are kind of hard working guy, no body will appreciate for your good work. More over the more you work, the more work will be dumped upon you. In MNC you always gets rewarded for your good work.
The above points itself give me enough reasons to give edge to corporate sector.. So if you are in a good MNC and kind of hardworking guy, stay in corporate only..
However not every one will have the same perception like me and for them the positives in govt sector are as under:
  • Now a days the pay is at par with the corporate sector on an average.. CGL interview post give you 6 LPA when you join the service which is a decent one.
  • Work life balance is good. You will have 9 to 5 fixed timing and  5 days a week.. And you need not work for more than 3-4 hours max a day.. You can use your rest of time for further preparation. Your colleagues and seniors will also support you in this. However, per me the effective hours in corporate are also 4-5 hrs a day..
  • Assured job.. You don't need to fear of any recession or something.
  • You will get the respect outside the office but not in the office as you expect.
  • You may feel proud for working for GOI...
PS: This is my personal view only as per my experience for now..
Edit: (Per my experience) During the initial days of your career you have to blindly obey the order of your boss. No value for your views. You should not dare asking the rationality.. And  the environment lacks professionalism.. You have to respect your boss but can't expect in return.
P.S.: This may not be same with every one.. It mostly depends on your perception and boss, if your boss is good then everything seems fine.
Edit 2: Posting the new salary chart  of CGL posts as per the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission. This may help you take an informed decision..
  1. 7th CPC recommended 4600 GP for CBI SI which is likely to be and 4200 GP for CSS ASO which is unlikely..
  2. There would be an equal amount of contribution from GOI as that of employee's for NPS. This component is not added in the above gross figure..
(Courtesy:  Lee Yadav - Assistant Section Officer at CSS - CGL 2013; Income Tax Inspector - CGL 2014 - as appeared in Quora)

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