Thursday, July 14, 2016

The myths and misconceptions about starting any business?

The word independence or independant is not correct.
Exactly saying - “I want to stand on my own legs without depending upon others including my parents or relatives or family members”
I appreciate your eagerness to stand on your legs.
This depends not upon the selection of business or employment.
It depends upon your own qualities, character and mindset
Some individuals learn to stand on their own legs even when they are 24 years and at the same time, even at 71, people are troublesome to others especially their family members.
The following inner qualities are required:
Try SWOT analysis of your self - What is your strength? What is your weakness? What are the opportunities available for you during this time? What are the threats that confront you?
Your strength may be - your positive quality; courage, confidence level, knowledge level, curiosity to learn new things; open mindedness; eagerness to develop friendship with everybody; flexibility etc.,
Your weakness may be - intolerance to defeats; getting down while not getting due respect from others; laziness to learn new techniques and information and so on
Your opportunities - Somebody offering your a job; contract; reading in a newspaper about a business prospect; some friends are attempting a new venture; your relative has a business etc.,
Your threats - Discouraging friends; family members; Friends and others not interested to provide you any glue; Misguidance from others etc.,
Learn about yourself and your ability. Your ability is the only driving force and you can sit on that vehicle and sooner or later, you can do some business and stand on your legs
Wish you good luck

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