Saturday, July 16, 2016

What has to be done, when the automated teller machine did not dispense cash to me?

Submit a letter stating the details to your bank branch. They will take up the matter with the bank who has maintained automated teller machine and recredit the amount to you. However, you have to take  the following steps.

Recollect the following details: Name of the bank ATM; The name of the street where it is located; The name of the city where the machine was maintained; Date of transaction; Time of transaction; Amount of transaction; Your debit card number;

If you have the transaction slip - the serial number of transaction as mentioned in the transaction slip

Take a print out of the letter as per the following format (Just copy and paste in word format) and fill up the required details in the letter. Take a print out of the letter. Attach the photocopy of the transaction slip, if available.

Have a copy of the letter sent to the branch along with one more photocopy of the transaction slip and original with you

Normally banks will settle the matter within seven days. In case you have not received any reply from them, contact the branch once again and remind them.


From                                                                                         Place:.........
Name:.....................................                                                  Date: .........

Contact mobile/telephone No:....

The Branch Manager,
..........(Name of the bank)
..........(Name of the branch)

Dear Sir:
Sub: My savings/current account No:...........................with your branch
With reference to my savings/current account as mentioned above with your branch, I attempted to withdraw cash through automated teller machine as per details mentioned below; however, I could not get the cash from the machine on account of some technical reasons.
I request you to kindly verify the details and recredit the amount not received by me through the automated teller machine to my above savings bank account.
Name of the accountholder

Category of account
Account Number

Name of the bank  and branch where the account is maintained

ATM machine pertains to which bank?

Location of ATM machine (Street/City)

Transaction date and time

Transaction amount
Debit card Number

Details of complaint
Debit card was used in the machine by keying in PIN number; however, cash was not delivered
Yours faithfully,


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