Monday, July 18, 2016

How can I make blogs more effective and informative?

It depends upon your involvement
Somebody start their blogs and after some time, they forget.
Have some plans for your blog. You are getting information about blogs providing monetary income. Do not believe.
Nowadays, millions of bloggers are writing blogs throughout the world.
What are the advantages of starting a blog?
  • It is like your own home. You can do anything and you have more than one hundred percent freedom. You can write articles, edit the articles and delete the articles. You can upload the pictures, videos etc.
  • However, what type of posts, images and videos ? - It is upto to you. There are many blogs which portray violence, sex and pornography.
  • Initially, make your plan. You are well versed in finance. Now you can start writing articles on finance. Read a lot of books on finance from books, newspapers and magazines.
  • Fix a target of minimum ten articles per day. Start writing articles and posting them in your blog one by one. Initially write articles separately in a file, correct and edit and then post the articles in blogs so that you can eliminate sentence and grammatical errors.
  • Write original articles only. Never copy and paste the information, unless, you want to provide the information as it is. When you copy an information from other websites, please remember that you violating intellectual property rights.
  • By writing original articles, you become a good writer, improve your language and you also get the satisfaction of your articles read by some people in the world. You are providing valuable information to some people
  • After some time, you can find that your articles are immediately available on “google search”. Now you are visible to everybody by simple search. 

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