Friday, December 21, 2012

Reading-The Best 15 Minutes You'll Ever Invest

I recently was made aware of two comparative statistics that I thought youmight find extremely valuable. I learned that the average human readsless than two books per year-one and a half to be exact-with almost two-thirds of those going unfinished. On the whole, humans have lostthe habit of reading good books.
There is a notable exception, however. CEO's of Fortune 500 companiesread, on average, roughly FOUR BOOKS PER WEEK! That equates to about 200times the average for the rest of the world, and I can guarantee that the vast majority of those books are good, meaty stuff that causes them tothink about their business and/or their life in a very healthy way.
Now I am not saying that you yourself need to start reading four books aweek, but I will tell you this-I have personally seen that there is adirect and positive correlation between the amount of good reading an individual does and their influence and income. Unquestionably, the mostlife-changing habit you can develop is to systematically read good books. Charlie "Tremendous" Jones coined the phrase that "Leaders are always Readers". Brian Tracy has seen it happen many times where anindividual went from zero to 30 minutes a day of good reading and sawtheir income double, and we've seen it too. If you do not currently makepositive reading a regular part of your life, DO SO IMMEDIATELY!!!! Alongwith changing who you spend your time with, it is absolutely the mostpowerful way to change your life for the better.
Don't get me wrong-I realize that you need to work, spend time with yourfamily and engage in all the great activities that you engage in, and youshould. You don't need to become a full-time student or some kind of hermit bookworm crazy person. All you need is 15 minutes a day,preferably right in the beginning or right at the end of that day. Anddon't tell me about not having 15 minutes a day-if I followed you aroundfor one day, I'd bet $1000 that I could find a whole hour that could bebetter spent reading and you wouldn't even miss it.  Watching TV, surfingthe internet, eating lunch, just zoning out, the list goes on and on-I dare you to take just 15 minutes out of those kinds of activities each dayand invest it in a good book.

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