Sunday, December 2, 2012


01.            Money laundering prevetion act 2002 became effective since 1.7.2005
02.            Cooperative Bank organization in India has three tier set up – Primary credit society; district cooperative bank and state cooperative bank
03.            The foreign direct investment limit in private sector bank is 74%
04.            RBI has partial control on – cooperative bank
05.            The committee which has proposed National Rural Bank is – N. Janardhan Reddy committee
06.            The organization whose functions has been taken over by NABARD from RBI are – Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation; National Agricultural Credit Fund (long term operation) and National Agricultural credit fund (stabilization)
07.            The first modern bank in India – Presidency Bank and it was established during 1806
08.            International Monetary Fund was established on 27.12.1945
09.            International Monetary Fund has its headquarters at Washington DC
10.            World Bank was established during the year 1944 and it has its head office at Washington DC
11.            World Bank is a group of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development; International Development Agency; Multi lateral Investment of Guarantee Agency and International Centre of Settlement Investment Dispute
12.            IBRD was established in 1945
13.            IDA was established in 1960
14.            IFC was established in 1956
15.            ICSID was established in 1966
16.            MIGA was established in 1988
17.            Asian Development Bank was established in December, 1966
18.            Asian Development Bank has its head office at Manila
19.            World Trade Organisation – WTO was established during the year, 1995 and it has head office at Geneva
20.            OPEC – Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was established in 1960
21.            Association of South East Asian Nations was established on 8.8.1967 and it has head office at Jakarta
22.            Imperial Bank was established during the year, 1921
23.            Reserve Bank of India was established in 1.4.1935
24.            RBI was nationalized on 1.1.1949
25.            Industrial Finance Corporation of India was established during year, 1948
26.            ICICI was established during January, 1955
27.            Unit Trust of India was established on 1.2.1964
28.            Industrial Development Bank of India was established during July, 1964
29.            NABARD was established on 12.7.1982
30.            IRBI was established on 20.3.1985
31.            IRBI has been renamed as IIBIL since 6.3.1997
32.            SIDBI was established during 1990
33.            SIDBI – Small Industries Development Bank of India
34.            ICICI – Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
35.            EXIM Bank was established on 1.1.1982
36.            National Housing Bank was established during July, 1988
37.            Life Insurance corporation of India was established during September, 1956
38.            General Insurance Corporation was established during November, 1972
39.            Regional Rural Banks were established during 2.2.1075
40.            Risk Capital and technology Finance Corporation Limited  was established during March 1975
41.            Technology Development Information Company of India Limited during the year 1989
42.            Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Limited during the year, 1988
43.            Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited was established during the year, 1977
44.            State Bank of India was established during the year, 1955
45.            Securities and Exchange Board of India was established during the year, 1988
46.            Asian Development Bank – ADB established during the year 1966 has its head office at Manila – Phillipines
47.            Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation – APEC established during the year, 1989 has its headquarters at Singapore
48.            Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – SCO established during the year, 1966 has its headquarters at Beijing – China
49.            African Union established during the year, 2001 has its head office at Addis Ababa – Ethiopia
50.            European Union established during the year, 1991 has its headquarters at Brussels (Belgium)
51.            Caribbean Development Bank – CDB established during the year, 1969 has its headquarters at St. Michael - Barbados


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