Tuesday, December 4, 2012

“How to manage people at work” by John Humphries – book review

In fact human workforce are the most valuable resource in any organization and managing the human work force successfully is the surest way to the organization which is willing to achieve its objectives. The book covers, in one handy volume, every aspect of people management which today’s business leaders require.

Complete with helpful checklists, case study materials, discussion points, resource section and index, John Humphries, the author had presented the book out of his sheer knowledge and experience as a trainer for more than eighteen years.

The book is highly informative, reliable, comprehensive and user friendly.

The following are some of the sections available in the book:
  • How is manager?
  • How to manage yourself?
  • How to communicate with people?
  • How to motivate people?
  • How to delegate?
  • How to build and lead a team?
  • How to make good at decision making?
  • How to manage the problems?
  • How to manage the time?
  • How to manage innovation?
  • How to manage the interviews?
  • How to manage change?
  • How to manage stress at work?
  • Looking into the future and many more

The book is found to be worth reading and people interested in understanding the nature of human workforce can think of buying and reading the book

Book review by A. Gauri Sankar – He can be contacted at gausan51@gmail.com and gaurisankars@blogspot.com

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