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01.  The Official Language Policy came in to force with effect from 26.01.1950. The act was passed in the year, 1963
02.  The Parliamentary Committee on Official Language has to be constituted with 30 members – 20 from Lok sabha and 10 from Rajya Sabha
03.  Official Language rules were framed in 1976
04.  Official Language Rules are applicable- to all states and union territories except Tamil Nadu
05.  Under Rule 5, all letters received in Hindi have to be replied to in Hindi only
06.  As per Rule 10c of Official Language act, -  letter received in Hindi is to be replied in Hindi only
07.  It is the responsibility of administrative head of each branch/office/department to ensure that the provisions of Official Language act are complied with (rule 12(1)
08.  Canara Bank Rajabasha Akshay Yojana – award - to branches/offices for usage of Hindi
09.  Canara Bank Rajabasha Puraskar Yojana – award to - employees for using of Hindi in day to day official work
10.  Indira Gandhi Official Language award scheme is given by Government to - Ministries, Banks, Financial Institutions for using of Hindi
11.  Indira Gandhi award for original books written by employees in Hindi – First Prize – Rs. 10000.00; Second Prize: Rs.8000.00; Third Prize: Rs. 5000.00
12.  All branches to have Official Language Implementation Committee with branch head-  as the Exofficio Chairman. At least one meeting every three months
13.  The Official Language Committee has to be - reconstituted every year
14.  As per Section 3(3) of Official Language Act, 1963,-  general orders, instructions, circulars, notices etc have to be issued invariably in Hindi and English
15.  STR 18 – quarterly Progress Report on Official Language due on last day of every quarter
16.  Hindi Day is celebrated on 14th September every year – to commemorate the constitutional recognition accorded to Hindi as the Official Language on 14.09.1949
17.  Region A – Himachal Pradesh; Haryana, Rajasthan; Madhya Pradesh; Bihar; Uttar Pradesh; Uttarkhand; Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Union Tettitory of Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
18.  Region B – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Union territory of Chandigarh
19.  Region C – All other remaining states
20.  In Parliament Hindi and English are used for transaction of business
21.  As per section 3(3) of the act, certain specified documents are to be bilingual
22.  Script of official language Hindi is Devanagari
23.  The in house distance education programme of the bank is CANBANK HINDI PATHRACHAR PATHYAKRAM
24.  When 80% of the staff members attain working knowledge in Hindi in  branch/office, the name of the branch/office will be notified in the gazette under Rule 10(4)
25.  Rule 11 specifies that manuals, codes stationery items etc should be in lingual
26.  As per Rule 12, responsibility of compliance of Official Language rules lies with the administrative head
27.  The order of language in the name plates of our Bank in Region C should be Regional Language, Hindi and English
28.  Periodicity of Official Language Implementation Committee meetings – quarterly – calendar quarter
29.  Town Official Language Implementation Committee – TOLIC meetings – once in six months
30.  50% of total library budget should be used for purchase of Hindi Books
31.  If any staff member passes Banking Praghya, it will be treated that he possesses working knowledge in Hindi
32.  IT initiatives in the field of Official Language Implementation – Shabdaratna – word processor, Akruti-MS office, Bankscript – bilingual interface for pass sheet, FDR, leave proceedings etc.
33.  Under Canara Bank Rajabasha Akshay Yojana –branches/offices are awarded prizes
34.  Under Canara Bank Rajabasha Puraskar Yojana – staff members are awarded prizes
35.  Canara Bank has won the consolation prize for the best implementation of Official Language Hindi for the year – 2003/2004 from Government of India (Indira Gandhi Rajabasha Shield)
36.  If an employee passes matriculation or equivalent or higher examination with Hindi as a medium of examination he will be treated as having proficiency in Hindi
37.  If any typist types 300 notes/letters/drafts in Hindi in a quarter he will be eligible for an allowance of Rs. 80/- per month
38.  Incentive to officers for giving dictations in Hindi – 5 letters etc per day or 250 letters/drafts per quarter – Rs. 1000.00 per month in Region:C
39.  If an employee passes In Banking Pragya Examination under correspondence course with 70% and above marks he will be eligible for an incentive amount of Rs.900.00
40.  Hindi magazine published by Canara Bank, Head Office, Bangalore – CANJYOTHI
41.  Hindi divas is celebrated on – 14 th September, each year
42.  The articles of constitution dealing with official language – 343 to 351
43.  Hindi was declared as official language of the Indian Union – 14.09.1949
44.  Hindi Pakhwara (Hindi fortnight) celebrated from September 1 to 14 each year.

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