Saturday, December 1, 2012


01.       Laxmi Commercial Bank merged with Canara Bank
02.       CAMEL denotes – capital adequacy, asset quality, management, efficiency and liquidity
03.       Banks are subject to operational risk, credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk
04.       When the ATM machine installed in the bank is out of order, it is called as operational risk
05.       When the computers are not functioning, it is called as operational risk
06.       When the loans are not repaid in time, it is called as credit risk
07.       When the banks products fail to survive in the market, it is called market risk
08.       When the banks are not able to pay the amount to the depositors, it is called as liquidity risk
09.       IFSC code denotes the branch code of any bank
10.       IFSC code consists of eleven digits
11.       Tissue culture denotes propagation of cells
12.       Aqua culture denotes shrimp farming and fish production
13.       Horticulture means fruit production
14.       Sericulture means silk production
15.       Pisciculture means fish farming
16.       Apiculture means honeybee rearing
17.       Sylvi culture means cultivation of fodder crops
18.       Moriculture means cultivation of mulberry
19.       Olericulture means vegetable cultivation
20.       Increase in agriculture production is called as green revolution
21.       The activity which concerns milk production, it is called as white revolution
22.       When the activity relates to meat production, it is called as red revolution
23.       When the activity relates to cocoa production, it is called as brown revolution
24.       When the activity relates to rubber production, it is called as black revolution
25.       When the activity relates to fish farming, it is called as blue revolution
26.       When the activity relates to cultivation of oil seeds and pulse production, it is called as yellow revolution
27.       When the activity relates to flower production, it is called as rainbow revolution
28.       Marginal farmer is one who has irrigated lands less than 1.25 acres or non irrigated lands less than 2.5 acres
29.       Small farmer is one who has irrigated lands less than 2.50 acres or non irrigated lands less than 5.00 acres
30.       Agricultural laborer is one whose 50 percent of income is from agriculture
31.       The old private sector banks in the country are: City Union Bank, Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank, SBI commercial Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, Dhanalakshmi Bank, Federal Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Karnataka Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Nainital Bank, Ratnakar Bank, South Indian Bank Limited, ING Vysya Bank Limited
32.       The new private sector banks in the country are: Axis Bank, Development credit bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Indus Ind Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Yes Bank

33.       The subsidiaries of State Bank of India are; State Bank of Patiala; State Bank of Hyderabad; State Bank of Travancore; State Bank of Bikaneer and Jaipur and State Bank of Mysore.
34.       Oriental Bank of Commerce has taken over Global Trust Bank
35.       For charging interest on loans/advances from July 2010, RBI introduced the following system namely; Base lending rate system in the place of Benchmark Prime Lending Rate system
36.       Money laundering refers to conversion of money which is legally obtained
37.       The account in which trading of shares in their electronic form is called as DEMAT account
38.       Reserve Bank of India issues all the currency notes except one rupee note
39.       RBI doe not transact the business of which of the following state government namely – Jammu and Kashmir
40.       The first Indian bank to open a branch outside India in London in 1946 is Bank of India
41.       NRI deposits are called as hot money
42.       Euro Bond is an instrument issued in a country other than the country of the currency of the bond
43.       National Income Estimates in India are prepared by Central Statistics Commission
44.       Full convertibility of a rupee means determination of rate of exchange between rupee and foreign currencies freely by the market forces of demand and supply
45.       RBI has prescribed that all scheduled commercial banks should maintain their SLRs in dated securities notified by RBI; treasury bills of Government of India and State Development Loans
46.       The following category of banks were mooted with a view to providing an Institutional mechanism for promoting rural and semi urban savings as well as for the provision of credit for viable economic activities in local areas – Local area banks in the private sector
47.       LAB means local area banks
48.       The first Private bank in India to receive an in principle approval from Reserve Bank of India was Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited
49.       The actual return of an investor is reduced sometimes as the prices of the commodities go up all of a sudden. In financial sector, this type of phenomenon is known as – market risk
50.       Rashtriya Swastiya Bima Yojana started rolling from 1.4.2008

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